Will we have any unsuccessful cash ins from this year's MITB contracts?

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    Does anyone here think we will get any unsuccessful cash ins?

    Will Rhodes interfere during Sandow's cash in and cause him to lose it? Will Orton get his 3rd violation and lose the briefcase as part of the punishment?

    I feel like Sandow will get the unsuccessful one. It just feels like this whole MITB contract was given to him to have a proper feud with Rhodes only. They have been friends/partners for a long time and this seems like a good way to end it. Obviously, this feud already started at the way Sandow won but what better way than Rhodes to cost him that breifcase as a payback sort of?..
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  2. Nah, Sandow cashes in on whoever is WHC and Orton will cash in on DB, making it a three-way feud.
  3. Hello Big Hoss Rambler :emoji_slight_smile: im back

    As for your topic well Cena was the first to lose his MITB cash in so I hope now someone elses loses
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  4. I could see Sandow losing his briefcase to Rhodes in a match (because being the intellectual savior of the masses doesn't make him smart enough to avoid #wwelogic).
  5. Don't see why not keeps it a bit more interesting that way.

  6. Imagine if:

    >DB goes over Cena at SS in a grueling half hour match, is exhausted as he celebrates his first ever WWE Title
    >Orton's music hits
    >Crowd goes crazy, DB seems hopeless
    >1-2 minutes of Orton controlling the match and DB is on all 4s in the corner, Orton looks up to the crowd with a sick, twisted look. He is going to Punt D-Bry
    >Bryan jumps up at the charging Orton, tossing him into the middle of the ring in the yes-lock
    >Orton taps

    the crowd would lose it
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  7. That would be cool. Pretty sure the crowd would riot in excitement.
  8. Man, Orton failing the cash in by DB beating him clean would make me mark so hard. Although no, I don't really think either one will fail.
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  10. I lol'd at the 3rd violation part, but i can see that as something that might happen. However I think Rhodes interrupting Sandow might be more plausible since I can't see Sandow winning the World Heavyweight Championship just yet
  11. I believe that Sandow will lose the case to Cody in a match, and later Cody might cash in succesfully. And i believe Orton's gonna cash in succesfully against DB after he beats Cena in SS.
  12. No because they're not as stupid as Cena is and say when they'll cash in.
  13. I believe after Ziggler beats big E he will win the WHC again and there will be a failed cash in on him.

  14. This would be marvelous. You don't know how hard I would mark if that happened.
  15. I actually want Orton to cash in on Bryan and have them feud for some more amazing matches but as long as Bryan has the title in the end.
  16. I'd certainly hope not, I don't see the point of screwing a easy push for no reason.
  17. Having someone fail a cash in is burying them to the highest degree. Booking someone to fuck up what is pretty much a guaranteed title run would be a huge shot to their credibility, especially considering that the two MiTB holders play quite cunning characters. It's not worth giving someone who already has the strap on his shoulder a rub.
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