Will we see something like the "Montreal Screwjob" have been again in WWE!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. Will we see something like the "Montreal Screwjob" again have been in WWE!? Now when I am asking this am NOT asking if we will se another Screwjob as bad as the "Montreal Screwjob" ! My question is if we will see something as BIG as it as in the REALIS UM! Of it? Do you think we could that have been in the WWE EVER AGAIN!?​

  2. Will we soemthing like the "Montreal Screwjob" again have been in WWE!?

    Spellcheck is your buddy, just embrace it man!!

    If your are asking If there will be a real life screw job in wrestling again.... Probabally... Maybe in ROH or TNA

    Vince won't need to anymore.
  3. RE: Will we soemthing like the "Montreal Screwjob" again have been in WWE!?

    Of course it's possible. Montreal wasn't even the first screw job in the WWF, Wendi Richter got screwed too back in the 80's (and wasn't seen on WWE television for almost another twenty years), though it wasn't as obvious and blatant to the people who witnessed it as Montreal was.
  4. RE: Will we soemthing like the "Montreal Screwjob" again have been in WWE!?

    Before last night i would have said no to this but they've brought in a good angle with laurinartis.
    Show Spoiler
    since rock hit the people's elbow on him on smackdown
    I could see laurinatis going in to help cena, not exactly a screwjob but something very similar and i think there's a possibility that could happen because i know that match will not end without some sort of controvery otherwise it'll be blown out by the previous matches just like it was last year.
  5. Will we soemthing like the "Montreal Screwjob" again have been in WWE!?

    I talking about something off scipt NOT something that put of a storyline.
  6. if there was i don't think it would have the same impact as the montreal screwjob
  7. I never heard Wendi Richter? Who is that!? What do it get Screw off in WWE?
  8. RE: Will we soemthing like the "Montreal Screwjob" again have been in WWE!?

    Not stated in the OP
  9. Women's champion from way back in the 80's. She was the one who came out with Cyndi Lauper at the first Wrestlemania.
  10. Oh yet. Why did she levre? And if she was screw in the 80's how can she not be on tv in wwe for 20 years?
  11. She refused to drop the title or something. So she got screwed. She and WWE ended up on bad terms with each other and that's why they didn't work together again (and even then, only briefly) until like 2009 or something. She and Cyndi Lauper made a special appearance on Raw.
  12. What about 2012? Was that her when duing that H.Slaleder angles.
  13. Might have been. Don't remember and I'm not feeling well enough to look it up.
  14. At that time, people took wrestling far more seriously. I don't think it could pass over as anything much these days. It was legit shock back then. Just look at Punk's rant. Sure, it was the talk of the town at the time, even gets mentioned here and there, though I don't see it much, but, I don't think anyone will be talking about it in 10, 20 years like they do with the Montreal Screwjob. Nothing could ever compare to the impact that had on the wrestling world, it was just so huge.

    It obviously wasn't the only screwjob that ever happened, but, it is certainly the most talked about. I guess just basing it on my years of watching wrestling and how much it has changed, I can't see any kind of screwjob ever being as big or seriously taken as previous ones (as someone has already also mentioned Wendi's screwjob, though it isn't talked about as much, either).
  15. I always thought it would have been funny if Triple H had gotten screwed because of a falling out with the McMahons or something. That would have arguably topped the Montreal Screwjob considering his position in the company for the past several years. Would have been ironic too, considering he was the one who came up with the specifics of screwing Bret Hart.
  16. It'd be funny of he pissed off Vince/Steph before his match with Brock, and Vince just has Brock legit beat the shit out of him :dawg: :vince:
  17. It's practically impossible but seeing the two above posts made me think about their Wrestlemania match, say Brock has the Kimura on Trips and out comes Vince / Steph and calls for Brock's win without Hunter tapping. It could go one of two ways, either Steph wants her husband to stop putting himself through the torment of competing for good or Heyman has threatened their family unless they threw the match. It'd be an interesting twist away from the expected outcome.
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