WrestleMania Will WM31 live upto Wrestlemania standards?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 13, 2015.

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  1. Well with most of the card pretty much booked I figured I'd ask the question.. We all know Wrestlemania is the biggest PPV of the year for the WWE and possibly all of wrestling in general.. So with WM31 looking the way it is do you feel it'll live upto the hype of being the top show of the year?

    Personally I don't think it'll live upto the standards.. it should be fairly entertaining and make for the best PPV so far this year which given we've only had two so far isn't saying too much. I'll definitely be watching and hopefully I'm wrong about it not representing the standard of most Wrestlemanias well.
  2. When was the last time Wrestlemania was the best show in a particular year? 2009?
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  3. Santino winning the Miss Wrestlemania 25-Diva battle royale was gold :letroll:

    Thinking back on it I would say yeah 2009 was the last one I can remember that stood out as being the best show of the year.
  4. What is WM31? There's an upcoming show called WrestleMania Play Button, never heard of WM31.
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    Wrestlemania 26 was the best PPV of 2010, imo. Undertaker vs HBK, Cena vs Batista, Jericho vs Edge, Triple H vs Sheamus, MITB match, the Hart Family's collective beat-down on McMahon (although that whole thing went on a bit long), etc. Of course, I found most of the PPVs that year to be pretty boring, but that being the case, it's hard for me to think of a show that was better than what Mania was that year.

    Anyway, Wrestlemania is more about individual moments that stand the test of time than it is pure match quality (there's been only a few Wrestlemania's that have been tremendously great cards from top to bottom, imo) and I think WM31 definitely has a chance of creating a few noteworthy moments (Brock Lesnar being defeated, a new star being crowned world champion for the first time, the prospect of seeing the first-ever MITB cash-in at a Mania, Sting's first match in a WWE ring, Undertaker's first match post-Streak, Rusev finally being brought down, a ladder match that could go down as a Wrestlemania classic, etc.) so that irregardless of how disappointed a lot of folks are in how the final card turned out, there's still enough going for it that it could nonetheless go down as an historical Mania in it's own right.

    Best show of the year from a quality standpoint, though? We won't know that until we witness the next nine PPVs that are coming up later on throughout the year. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. IMO, this WrestleMania will not have been as good as it could've been in terms of buildup and matches, for example putting Reigns in the main event, Battle Royal on what will probably be the main show, clusterfuck Ladder match and the lack of a tag team match I give more than 1 fuck about.

    It will probably have quite a few awesome moments but WWE's year so far has been terrible. Soured my WM31 experience so far. IMO, WM30 (only seen WMs since 28 though) had a good blend of epic moments and match quality so that will be one I remember for a long, long time. WM31 with ROLLINS CASH IN PLZ, Lesnar beaten, Bryan victory, STING match, UNDEEEERTAAAAKER match, US victory over Rusev, 6-man ladder match where Ambrose wins, big tag team match and Cody vs Goldust would probably be freakin' awesome.
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  7. Well, I've watched since 26 and to be honest the only one that really was in the proximity of the standard of the biggest show of the year was 30 imo. Granted some of them had like one good match (normally Taker) but overall they were not as good as you'd expect. Especially with stuff like Cena/Rock main eventing. But, yeah, it won't live up.
  8. It'd be fabulous if it ended up being a 10/10, but it's prolly gonna be like 8 or perhaps 9/10.

    Hopefully they don't find the way to mess it up.
  9. Thanks you based Solidus. :otunga:

    I'd love to say yes. Yes, we could have a ton of star-making moments and big-time performances. Yes, we could get some memorable matches, whether they're helped by smoke and mirrors or not. Yes, we could get three hours of captivating, quality action before the main event. But every time I try to get optimistic about this cold ass show, I get WM29 flashbacks since I felt the same way that one, which was an ice-cold show that wound up playing out exactly as we'd expect.

    I'd definitely say WM30 was the best PPV of last year. Best show I saw all year behind the four NXT specials... wait, aren't we getting Balor vs Owens on the show before WM? Oh forget WM then! Lets just rewatch that Sunday night! :yay:
  10. :yay: Now lemme post my opinion. I think it'll be pretty good really. I want to wait and see how they perform the event and what moments will come out of it, but it looks solid at the moment.
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  11. The match card is pretty strong, but not a fan of the buildup for some of the main matches.
  12. I dunno. Wrestlemania has the advantage of being the biggest drawing show regardless of the card simply because it's Wrestlemania. Perhaps that's why the build up for it has been pretty bad. It's not the first time it seems like WWE is going into it half heartedly.

    I think Wrestlemania 15 was probably the best event the year it came out. And I thought Wrestlemania 20 may have been too. But for me, I'm a much bigger Royal Rumble fan and I look more forward to it than Wrestlemania.

    Outside of WWE, with the awesome super cards put on by NJPW and ROH and some others, it's really hard for any WWE show to rank as best of the year.
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  13. totally off topic....but that's like the best damn gif ive ever seen.
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  14. it's hard to like any of the main matches as no main eventer is usually present on RAw. Sting is usually gone, Taker, and Brock. Awesome. What has WWE become? lol
  15. I feel that Mania 31 could be amazing. It depends on how much time they divey to each match.

    Tag team stuff: 15 minutes. Tag team action stuff
    Rollins/Randy: 25 minutes. Just a fight. Good, quick wrestling.
    Battle Royal: 20 minutes tops. Doesn't need to be long.
    Ladder match: should be long, like 35 minutes or so. Give these guys some time.
    Sting/Triple H: let it be a brawl. 20 minutes. Filled with Pedigrees and Stingers.
    Taker/Bray: longer match. 30 minutes. Let Bray carry Taker
    Cena/Rusev: shorter match. 15 minutes or so. Nothing but brutal hits and AA's
    Reigns/Lesnar: 40 minutes. I feel that if they're going to make Reigns big and push this guy...he needs time in the ring with Brock. Brock should hit F5's, try Camora's, etc....along with Reigns hitting numerous Superman Punches and Spears...all out war...even through the barricade...on tables...etc....

    that's my take and it could be great.
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  16. No hype for this! Last year we had Rock, Austin etc.... What they pulling out in that regard? In terms of a card I don't care would rather it be an NXT card these guys must know something we don't tho as why would Steen, Devitt sign etc.... Invasion HHH takes, over lets do this?
  17. Keep in mind that Rock and Austin were not involved in the promotion or hype for Wrestlemania. Other than some backstage rumors on the day of Wrestemania that they were in New Orleans, there wasn't any previous indication that they would show up.
  18. Maybe I'm wrong sure there was some hype on certain sites for it! Even so name one thing hyped bout this year? Taker meh? etc..... Nothing screams WM?
  19. I dunno, before I replied I did some searching to be sure. I wanted to be sure I knew what I was talking about before I opened my big mouth and seemed like a jerk :emoji_grin: I wasn't able to find anything.

    But on the other hand, it was Wrestlemania 30, so being a multiple of 10, it makes sense that there would be some big names appearing.

    For the most part I agree about what you said in regards to the hype, though. There hasn't been much and this hasn't seemed like a road to Wrestlemania. More like the Road to Smackdown.
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  20. Nothing about this WM has been hyped,. We have had more hype for NXT events in recent years! For me it's like VKM has passed the baton but not for the main stage of WM. All recent events feel like they have built or are building maybe just me but I think VKM is gone I see HHH well in charge soon as NXT is the bomb maybe its a feud??????
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