Will WWE buy-out TNA eventually?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. I think they will, just a matter of time until TNA gets bigger. I think give it another 2 years or so. They bought WCW. As TNA continues to expand they'll become more of a competitor to WWE. I hope they don't buy it, because then WWE might have to step-up their product to compete with TNA.
  2. That would be the death knell for creativity in the business. No competition is horrible. I hope it never happens, but they do have the means to make it so.
  3. I don't like the idea of having only ONE main company. Its like if McDonalds bough up BK and Wendy's. If its crap somewhere, it will be crap everywhere. Things will get lazy and people will slack. Leaves less room for other wrestlers trying to get up there. I don't watch TNA but I like knowing they are there to give some form of competition to keep things going. I wish there was another one or two other shows that aired on TV not owned by Vince.
  4. Let's just ask Vince himself!

  5. Lol is that real? ^
  6. Great american analogy with mcdonalds lol
  7. I wouldn't mind it, certainly not. Imagine a "TNA invasion" angel with them just swarming backstage and in the arena. I really want to see Miss Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Tara, etc, in WWE.
  8. Will Qatar's sheiks eventually buy-out WWE and turn it into a real pro wrestling company?
  9. I don't think WWE would by TNA anytime soon because TNA isn't even at the level of popularity that WWE is at. Maybe if TNA continues to good within the next 3-4 years they'll be a threat and Vince will consider buying them out, but I don't see it happening anytime soon, there's no immediate need to.
  10. lol @ People acting like it WWE will just wait until TNA is bigger and then buy them up. First of all TNA has to WANT to be bought by WWE. As long as they have a smart business model and are profitable they will be fine. WCW was not smart business wise and was not profitable at that point. That's why it was easy for them to be sold to Vince.
  11. When you say eventually, it's kinda obvious.
    If you say in the next 5 - 10 years then it becomes difficult to answer.
  12. What Dolph's said. But they'd probably buy them just to spite @Testify :russo:
  13. Velvet Sky :gusta:
  14. when was this!?
  15. It was upon a time when Cm Punk walked into some woods and called Vince from there saying the bear attacked and challenges him for his title. Vince sent out Henry and Show to help him, but they SWERVED and helped the bear. Thus, Punk was eaten and was never seen by anyone for the rest of his life.
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  16. They won't buy them now, and will not when they get bigger. Only if at some point they're at the verge of bankruptcy, then it may very well happen.
  17. Some sort of stock holders meeting in 2011, I think. Didn't know they videotaped these things.

    To answer the whole question of the topic, TNA will only be bought out if they want to be. You can't just buy something that isn't for sell. And nothing against TNA, but there's really nothing about them at the moment that would make WWE desire to buy them out. Just some extra stuff on their 24/7 channel, maybe enough material (matches only, no documentary) to put out a DVD of. So they're not being bought out anytime soon, unless Bob carter gets sick of funding them.
  18. :hmm: Wonder how much they'd buy TNA for if they did.
  19. The only viable way of WWE purchasing TNA is for Vince to use TNA as TNA, not for it to become some sort of 'second WWE' rather like they did with ECW/WCW. That could lead to some interesting angles and some quality 'rivalries' between the companies however.
  20. Maybe but first I think WWE is going to buy TNA the same way they did WCW. They do a WWE vs TNA era. WWE is higher in the ratings and eventually buy out TNA. Then they will assign TNA superstars to Smackdown, Raw, or NXT.
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