Will WWE ever bring a PPV back to the UK?

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  1. I was looking at the WWE PPV lists for this yeah and it got me thinking;
    Will WWE ever bring a PPV back over to the uk?

    If so where would be the best place to hold the event? and what PPV would you like to see be brought over to the UK?
  2. They stopped doing the England PPVs like Rebellion or Mayhem In Manchester because they didn't do well financially. They'll probably try it out again some day, though.
  3. If they did it would just be a special filler throw away PPV w/ Wade Barrett headlining or some shit. Similar to this:

  4. Not true. The shows always sold out.

    They don't do shows from the UK because it would have to be taped unless somewhere like the 02 in London will allow them to hold a show from 00:00-3/4am. Also having people there until 4am is never good, you'll lose people who can't attend the show due to the timing.

    And because the show is taped, results would be spoiled and people wouldn't order the show if it seemed shit.
  5. It was WWE that released that specific statement. You said it yourself with why some people wouldn't order the show (which is the main way it didn't do as well as they hoped money wise.)
  6. Being from the UK I'm all for it and wish they would do it again. If they did the obvious places would be Manchester, London, Birmingham those sort of areas. Can see the difficulties financially but if the NFL can do it on a regular basis and make it work then so can WWE. It all depends on price structurimg I suppose making it affordable but realistic for them to turn a profit or break even.
  7. They were planning to bring SummerSlam to the Uk this year and they were scouting out 3 possible locations, Wembly Arena in London, Millenium Stadium in Cardiff or Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester but I guess they wanted to stay at the Staples Centre.
    It would be a big boost to the UK to have a PPV here but it might be a while before they decide to bring one here
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