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  1. This isn't a question based off of wishful thinking. It's based off of reality. Realisticly, will WWE ever go back to 3 hours with all the money they're making and views that USA is getting? They also have more time to give to superstars and more focus on the low/mid tier.

    I think if WWE ever goes back to 2 Hours, it probably won't be for another 2-3 years.
  2. They'll likely go back by the end of the year. The three hour Raw experiment strikes me as one that will be short-lived.

    All the money they're making? If they really were making just so much money off three hours that going back to two hours would be a step back, then why did it take them this long to go to three hours? Vince himself says it even took some persuading from USA before he finally caved in. Also explain why Smackdown hasn't been made three hours as well.
  3. I reckon it could be sooner than you think. Sometime after Wrestlemania perhaps.
  4. I'd like them to go to an 8-10 time slot. Then maybe an hour of WWE related programming like a Tough Enough afterward, a show that can be skipped so I can go to bed.
  5. Eventually, I believe so. Not sure when though, but it's true, they're making a ton of money with the 3rd hour due to ads, and from what I understand, USA doesn't really have much else to put on the slot and the first hour is getting better ratings than the previous show that aired then. What I think they should do is not even cut back to two hours, but work in a different way with three. If so, they'd be able to put more people over by giving them prime time exposure, instead of working a three-hour show as if it had two hours. But since I don't think they'll do that, going back to two hours in 2013 seems somewhat likely.
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  6. On average Raw is actually 2 hours 40 minutes with maybe 20 minutes of commercials. For a three hour time slot that's not bad for the viewers. Raw is too lengthy for my taste now, especially when they have boring segments. Now I understand the plea to get new talent on the show, but lets be honest. We're more likely to see Miz TV or some AJ segment rather than new talent, so if it's going to be like that I'd rather have Raw go to two hours. I believe part of the problem is the integration of Raw & Smackdown because that means Raw has to make time for those guys as well, which gives less time to the guys lower on the card. I don't think 3 hour Raw is drastically unsuccessful that it needs to be taken back to two hours, but personally I'd prefer it that way.
  7. What makes you think that?
  8. The ratings have declined massively, Vince himself has said that 2 hours is too long so no doubt he is against 3 hours, there is lots of criticism around the whole 3 hours, I just don't think the 3 hour format will last as long as people expect. But in this case it is probably best to be pessimistic instead of optimistic.
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