Money in the Bank Will WWE finally pull the trigger...

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  1. ... On Roman's heel turn?

    As we all know, Reigns will be in the MITB ladder match next Sunday.

    I don't see anyone else winning that thing, except him.

    Now, the rumored SummerSlam match for the WWE-WHC is Rollins vs Lesnar vs Reigns.
    By winning the MITB, he'd basically say "I'm inserting myself into the ME of SummerSlam by cashing this baby in."

    That's one way to go, but things can change.

    Imagine this... Reigns wins the MITB ladder match and cashes in that same night on Dean Ambrose!

    Ambrose got a huge reaction when he won the title from Rollins at EC.
    So, if they really want to turn Reigns heel, this would be the best way to do it...
    Him turning on his brother in his home-state of Ohio and just ripping the hearts out of the Columbus crowd's chests. The boos towards Reigns would blow the roof off.

    Ambrose would be Bryan'd this way, but the crowd would love him even more if this scenario played out and The Authority would quite possibly ditch Rollins and choose Reigns as their next golden boy... Or Reigns could work independently.

    The Roman Reigns heel turn has to happen at some point.
    He's gotta be universally hated before he gets to be universally loved by the fans.

    What do you folks think?
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  2. No. They want him to be the next big face. So why turn him heel?
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  3. Why would they turn him heel? I've watched very little recently but his reactions have been fine from what I've seen. The beginning of the year bullshit will be further and further in the rearview as long as they continue booking him properly. DB being out helps because his marks can't cry that he doesn't get every single accolade under the sun.
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  4. I don't see why they would turn Reigns heel. He's finally getting over as a babyface and they should say fuck that, turn him heel now?
  5. For that reason alone I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
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  6. While ironically what makes the Daniel Bryan character work is being the guy who does NOT get every single accolade under the sun. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Will they turn him? Hmmm, maybe. Even with Owens they still need really need more heels right now. Plus if Ambrose wins that belt and Reigns cashes in on him that'll get so much heat even Beyonce would pass out.
    Dude's been fantastic in his current role though. Something you're doing is actually working, WWE. Don't mess with it.
  7. They still haven't given up on wanting to christen him as the next face of the company, so I wouldn't bet on them turning Roman Reigns heel anytime soon. Hell, they're probably prepping him up to win the championship at Summerslam with the way things are looking.

    Besides, the logical idea behind a heel turn would be to appoint him as The Authority's new chosen one since that would be such a natural role for him in every way (looks, family heritage and bloodline, the fact that folks in real life felt he was "handed everything" by the company too easily, etc.), but that would mean arbitrarily ditching Rollins in favor of Reigns, and I don't see them casting Seth aside that easily after all the time, energy, and effort the company has spent into getting Seth over in that role.
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  8. There's no way that roman is turning heel yet. If ever again. He's the next cena and they simply tried to push him too fast. Dean is a better candidate as of now than roman, but they'll still really try to push reigns.

    We would have a better chance of having cena turn heel at this point.
  9. That is the easiest part, having Seth rebel against the authority. He is a shitty heel anyway and is naturally a character begging to be a face IMO. I think if Reigns was going to turn heel that would be a great way, maybe even a double turn/swerve involving Rollins/Reigns/Authority where they look to be about to take our Reigns and then HHH turns on Rollins. Also sets up the Rollins/HHH match many have wanted.

    But again, not interested in heel Reigns, more interested in face-Rollins. His heel character has sucked ass from Day 1 IMO
  10. Heel Reigns would be interesting, at least to me. Maybe better than a face, but he's not bad currently in my opinion. I don't see WWE pulling the heel trigger on him though. I believe he can work as a face anyways, and I doubt WWE will want to turn the next superstar they see as a star anytime soon.
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  11. Well, it worked wonderfully for the The Rock. They were pushing Rocky Maivia down everyone's throats and he was not getting over. They turned him heel and within a year was one of the most popular guys on the roster.

    I think a heel turn for Reigns would be good. Like it or not, there is a contingent of fans who aren't going to get behind him simply because he is the guy WWE wants as the top face. Turning him heel, and thus not appearing to be pushing him as the top face may cause these people (who wrongly think they are doing something original by not going along with WWE's plan) to warm up to him. A heel turn may make him more popular when the second face turn comes around.
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  12. I guess I should have put my thoughts on whether or not they would do it in the other message. In the RAW chat on Monday, Just Kevin floated the idea that Reigns would win the MITB match and Rollins would end up defeating Ambrose. Then, Reigns would come down, presumably to cash in on Rollins just in time for J and J to turn on Rollins, beat the hell out of him and Reigns takes the title and joins the Authority. He and someone else were commenting that Triple H put emphasis on saying they are "banking" on the title remaining with the Authority.

    I like this idea and could see it happening. The Authority could say they have been getting tired of Rollins being a spoiled brat, or pissed at him for saying he didnt need them etc.... so they decided to go with Reigns as their poster boy.

    Will it happen? I dunno. I'm sort of going with it as my prediction though. They need a shakeup, something to make the shows more interesting and I think this could be it.
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  13. Difference being at that time they also had Austin, Foley, Undertaker, Kane & Triple H at the top of or near the top of the card. They were able to gamble a bit with Rocky by trying the heel route. The top of the card now is a bit slimmer.
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    In a way I can see what you mean. I still think it's a good idea though. Roman Reigns is the same caliber performer he would be as a heel. Changing Rocky to a heel wasn't a gamble. He was genuinely unpopular. I have been to many shows and heard the overpowering "Die, Rocky, Die" chants.

    Regardless, turning Reigns heel isn't permanent doom for his chances at being the number one face in the company. The most popular wrestlers of all time gained traction as heels. Hulk Hogan was brought into the AWA as a heel and it was the overwhelming popularity as a heel that he had that led to hs eventual switch to a face and started Hulkamania. Shawn Michaels was the most popular heel of the early 1990s and this led to him being switched to the number one guy in the company. Ditto Undertaker. In fact, heel Undertaker got popular so fast, they didn't even need to explain why he turned face... he jus decided to not be on Jake Roberts' side anymore. That was it. Steve Austin gained his popularity as a heel. I was at King of the Ring 1996 and the crowd booed like hell when he said "Austin 3:16" for the firs time. I was also at Wrestlemania 13 when he entered as a heel to a bigger ovation than Bret Hart did.

    History indicates more to me that it's not a gamble, but a well practiced method for getting someone over with an audience who may not like the performer in their current face role.
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  15. I don't want Roman Reigns turning heel anytime soon. They've already planted the seeds for Brock vs Rollins and those two have history going back to last year's Night Of Champions when Seth tried to first cash in on Brock, I want them to follow up on that. The whole reason Lesnar is suspended right now is because he went ape-shit due to Rollins running away from him instead of giving him his rematch right away. For Brock, it isn't just about getting his championship back but about punishing the guy who took it from him, so I don't care for any scenario that has Seth losing the championship before Brock returns.
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