Will WWE panic and give Cena the strap?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. It's inevitable that he'll be feuding with Punk for the title, I have this horrible feeling that Cena - because it's been a FULL YEAR without the title - is going to win it to boost those ratings. We've all noticed how child friendly he's been recently, after two great feuds with Rock and Brock (all be it Brock's was small and ended horribly).
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  2. This is what i expect to happen. Cena's grown on me so i kind of want him as champion :/ would they do a face vs face? If they dont, who do you think will turn heel Punk or Cena? I'd expect punk but I'd want cena.
  3. Cena's grown on you? I understand why if we were talking about this a few months back, but now? He was awesome in his feud with Rock and Brock, but he has been god awful since imo. The star wars promo - come on?

    Anyway, Punk will be the one who turns heel IF they do indeed do a heel turn between them. Cena won't.
  4. Of course it'll happen, those idiots don't know what to do, so they just go into Cena mode every 6 months or so, because they're not able to build any other stars. Have someone beat Cena cleanly or something, build a new guy. I'll accept him winning the title if he feuds with Bryan and drops the strap to him, but we all know that won't happen because Super Cena overcomes everything and everyone... I'm sick of Cena.
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  5. i :gusta: cena
  6. I want this to happen cena for wwe champ
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  7. Yeah it will happen. They are desperate..
  8. I'd take it over Punk at this point. That's how desperate I am for him to drop it.
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  9. Why don't they have Punk drop the title to Bryan at MITB? With an AJ swerve. Then Bryan can feud with Cena and retain the title at Summerslam. :yay:
  10. The fact that someone who spends as much time on this forum as SantinoUS/Ariana is still a real Cena mark and think him holding the belt is good astounds me. Kudos for sticking to your (In my opinion bad) taste
  11. Thanks sir
  12. :yes:
  13. i know its not going to happen but cena could have one of the greatest turncoats of all time
    i mean think how much of a reaction hogans got and his storyline barely made sense
    cena could have the GOAT turncoat and be top heel in a single week
    got to admit he could put alot of stars over as a heel instead of his current superman faggotry
  14. They most likely will, and I don't think it's entirely a bad thing. Cena is always gonna be on top as long as he's the face of the company (belt or no belt) and Punk below him, so really, giving Cena the belt changes nothing as far as he and Punk's status on the card. The only difference is, at least the world title will be in the main event again. And really, most of the feuds that Punk has had since being world champion could have easily taken place without the WWE Title being present. His feud with Jericho, for example, was all about being the best in the world (though I know a world title could definitely play into that) and about Jericho trying to turn him into an alcoholic. It could have worked without a WWE Title. Not a whole lot will be changing. My only disappointment is that I was hoping for someone other than just Cena getting to be the one to finally dethrone Punk, but oh well. (Then again, there's nothing that states that Cena will be winning for sure, so who knows.)
  15. I think they will, but I'm not worried. He's booked as champ anyway, that belt's only losing credibility when the spotlight's not on the champ at all.

    What worries me is the way they're going to play this up as a big deal. "After nearly one full year without the WWE Championship, John Cena reclaims his spot at the top!", like it'll be this great redemption story and that it'll be refreshing and different now that he's the champion again, when no fans will believe it. Just like they did at Extreme Rules last year, except less idiotic because it wasn't right after the long-overdue Christian... thing.
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  16. Cena will never turn heel again because with it being the PG era, WWE couldn't handle a heel Cena, plus, I couldn't think of any heel gimmicks Cena could play anyway..

  17. This is the gimmick Cena according to interviews and backstage sources wants to do again, or something similar. Since it is more in line with his real personality and he would feel more comfortable doing it.
  18. Again, with it being the PG era, I couldn't think of any heel gimmicks Cena could play anyway.... That is fresh..
  19. Going back to thuganomics would be a mistake imo. Cena is good enough to be any heel character he wishes. I'd have him as a heel similar to current Brock Lesnar.
  20. Cena can easily pull off the Dr of Thuganomics in the PG era. You like many others, assume that the PG label means they can only do child friendly, kiddy stuff which is not true. PG means it can be viewed by the entire family, swears and serious content is fully allowed under the PG label. WWE do get close to the fence from time to time with their characters swearing from time to time. Remember when Punk said he'd beat Ace like a bitch for example. The PG label does not mean bad product, bad writing means bad product.
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