Will WWE sue CM Punk for breach of contract?

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    The Wrestling Observer
    is reporting that at the moment, there are said to be "serious issues" between WWE and former WWE Superstar CM Punk over the way that Punk departed the organization back in January, though Punk's WWE contract officially expired last week. WWE officials are said to be "very upset" and are not happy with how the entire situation went down.

    The website also reports that some people in WWE believe that the company may potentially be considering taking some sort of action against Punk over the way that he left the company, though no elaboration was made about what actions, if any, could be taken.

  2. Time for waifu to lose that belt to Eva Marie
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  3. Doing it for the $$$?
  4. woooo fuck ya sue his ass to kingdom come
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  5. They definitely have the right to sue him.. and I have a feeling that if they did they would win, unless Punk can somehow prove unfit working conditions... which is highly unlikely.

    They should file a lawsuit.
  6. Even if he does get sued, I'm sure he wouldn't give a damn.
  7. I don't think so. He technically retired. As long as he doesn't go and wrestle somewhere else I doubt there's anything they can sue him for.
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  8. it would be entirely dependent on the language of the contract. It is possible he had agreed to do certain things as apart of any potential retirement when signing the contract. WWE is so obsessive about control I would be shocked if they didn't have a way to keep their claws dug into a guy trying to retire rather than just allowing them to walk away mid contract.
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  9. If they had an actual cause for suing him for walking out, they would have likely used it as leverage to get him to return after he first walked out on 'em back in January. And in that case, I doubt Punk would be so stupid or overconfident as to ignore what could be a serious lawsuit.
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  10. He looks real happy and healthy in that video. And that is #1 priority for him. Could this be a serious lawsuit? Yes, of course.
    Now that I think of it... Would he give a damn about it? I don't know, maybe, maybe not. He said he's 'never ever' coming back... But he's also said some things he'd do, yet he didn't. Maybe he will come back (peacefully or forcefully, if it's possible by the US law). His mindset might change in the near future, though.
  11. Considering he threatened to walk before this final contract I'm sure he had a retirement clause put into this one in case he wanted to walk.
  12. are you sure? are. you?
  13. 87.4%
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  14. If they want him to come back they won't.
  15. Too little. Too late.
    This just shows how WWE contracts mean absolutely nothing.
    CM Punk made a mockery of a legally binding contract.
    To the public eye, Punk refused to work with the simple cause of not wanting to go.
    If that's the case, I'll sign a contract with Kennedy, not work and have absolutely nothing happen to me for the duration of the binding.
  16. How is refusing to work and putting up with the company's bullshit in breach of a contract?
  17. It is if the contract literally says, 'You cannot refuse to work. You must put up with our company's bullsh** or you are in breach of contract'.
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