Will you continue to watch Raw after tonight?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. Yes, I'll continue to let Raw shovel this shit down my throat

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  2. No, enough is enough. This is out of hand

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  1. We've seen WC contemplate a break, kaneite, Rainman, and myself all seem to be legitimately wondering if watching Raw is worth it.

    So I present you with this poll. Will you continue to watch Raw after this night of fuckery? It is segments like the Cena/Cole segment that make people think wrestling is a fucking joke, and it's nothing short of an embarrassment for us as fans to have to sit through that nonsense, and it's a slap in the face to the industry as a whole. Fuck you WWE, fuck you in your pathetic assholes with absolutely no lube.

    I'm on the fence, but after tonight I'm leaning towards doing what many of you do with SD. Just reading what people have to say about it and only watching the segments that interest me. I'll still watch the PPVs because they generally have a lot less bullshit involved, sans Cena/Ace.
  2. #TNAForums

    If anything interesting happens on the show, Crayo or someone will make a status. The worst part about it isn't even the terrible segments like Cole/Cena, it's the rest of it. There are 2 real feuds going on in this company right now (Punk/Bryan/Kane, Cena/Show). Del Rio is just a challenger of the month, Rhodes is just getting his rematch, everything else is simply pointless, boring filler. The most interesting character is a little nerd diva who doesn't do much of anything except be a hot little hoe.

    I'll continue to watch Superstars, since Creative can't touch that show, I can't wait for NXT Season 6, since the NXT Creative Team actually does their jobs.
    Otherwise, see you in the TNA Section, and hope to try to get into ROH.
  3. Still gonna be marking for a better RAW soon...
  4. I will give them a chance up until No Way Out, if it's still fu**** up, then "Enough is enough, and it's time for a change!"- Owen Hart
  5. Yes. Despite the shit ME this was better than last week. This is the worst RAW has been since 2009. It can only get better. Next week will probably suck, No Way Out will occur and be relatively decent and after that is when RAW improves. Young stars getting pushes because of MITB PPV. Cena hopefully will be taking time off.
  6. <3 Owen
  7. Isn't next week the 3 hour RAW?
  8. Shit, I had forgotten that. I definitely won't be watching that live. No way I could sit through it.
  9. They announced next week will be a 3-Hour Special.

  10. It's definitely 3 hours next week

  11. Yeah, in the promo they said Mr. McMahon will appear on the 3 hour RAW Next Week.
  12. i will watch next week and if nothing interesting happens like Paul Heyman becoming GM, something involving Lesnar, Kane winning, or Ziggler winning or if another dumbass Cena segment happens, im not watching anymore
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  13. I tell myself that if nothing good happens i'll stop watching. but I never do stop.

    I find myself being a lot more interested in this forum than what the forum is about. that's probably why i woudn't stop watching it.
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  14. I'll be watching next week and hoping something good happens with Vince returning.
  15. I'm giving it one more week, if it doesn't improve, I'll continue to watch SmackDown, NXT and Superstars. I actually love NXT.
  16. You f'n stupid and lazy people deserve it, because all you watch is WWE and TNA. Look at me, you'll never see me losing my nerves because I find my satisfaction elsewhere, I watch A LOT of other (better) wrestling. I only watch WWE for teh lulz and trolling. They can shut down, I simply don't care.
  17. What's the alternative wrestling shows you watch? I'd love for you to share it with us as I just simple hate RAW right now and that's supposed to be their 'A' show.
  18. Well, everyone knows about TNA and ROH, but I'm one tough and demanding motherfucker, so:

    CHIKARA Pro - for crazy, whacky and humurous wrestling with amazing, long term storytelling
    PWG - definition of awesomeness
    CZW - blood and guts, but with a strong Junior Heavyweight division (aka "normal" wrestling)
    BJW - ^
    DGUSA - crazy high-flying, the mix of American and Japanese talent
    EVOLVE - hard hitting wrestling, they are based on win-loss records

    And there's a whole bunh of cool Japs wrestling.
  19. lol I gave up on Raw completely a few weeks ago. I only Youtubed it before then off and on for awhile but now I just read the results.
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