Will Ziggler have a match at Hell In A Cell?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Since he was blasting Cena a little because of the whole AJ thing yesterday, do you think there is a possibility of having Cena vs Ziggler at HIAC?

    Cena doesn't have a match, Ziggler doesn't have a match...

    Ziggler stated before that he could be winning a match and just after that cashing in his MITB briefcase and win the title..

    Would be good imo, so Cena stays away from Punk vs Ryback..
  2. Noob

    if Cena were healthy enough for a match he would be wrestling punk
  3. Noob?

    He said he was cleared..
  4. I don't believe anything I hear from the WWE. We will find out sunday if he has a match. My bet is that he will.
  5. I thought Ziggler was fighting Orton?
  6. Naa dude, ADR vs Orton..
  7. If he doesn't have a match, surely we have to expect a cash in.
  8. That would be very nice. :gusta:
  9. Indeed we shall.
  10. I really hope DZ doesn't cash in. Too predictable.

    Remember when Miz cashed in on Raw? I was marking hard because I wasn't expecting it.
  11. Agreed.

    I still think RAW 1000 could have been the best time for him to cash in.
  12. But #WWELogic :pity:
  13. The fact that Ziggler doesn't have a match is a reason to expect him to cash in. Plus, the commentators speculated a couple of times on Raw that Ziggler could cash in, almost like they want to put it in people's heads that Ziggler might do so at the PPV. Or perhaps that they just want people to think that so they can be swerved or whatever. I can actually see Show winning the belt, only for Sheamus to Brogue Kick him, making him lose the belt even quicker than he did last year to Bryan. That gives a reason for Show and Sheamus to continue their very epic feud, since Show is pissed off already that Sheamus keeps making fun of the fact that Show had a 45 second (or however long) reign last year.
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  14. :isee:

    I don't see Show beating Sheamus cleanly, that's the only fault in that call in my opinion.
  15. I could see them having Big Show booked as a monster and having Sheamus look vulnerable for once, and realize he needs to taker Show more seriously as an opponent next time. But overall, yeah, I think it's more plausible that Sheamus wins but is took weak to withstand Ziggler cashing in afterwards, especially if Show delivers a KO punch after the match.
  16. Yeah, that would definitely have been a good time to cash it in.

    Maybe it's just me, but i think they may be hinting at a Cena/Dolph mini fued. Now if they could do that and have Cena go over in a PPV match in 15-20 mins putting Dolph over before he cashes in that could be great.

    Sorry what am I saying, building up a future world champion.. madness :haha:
  17. Heard rumors he was versing Cena?
  18. Ziggler/Cena is fantastic. Anyone who feuds with Cena (who has talent anyway) gets over. Awesome, it might actually show the crowd "Hey, this guy is actually a heel you know".
  19. In all honesty I would love a smarky crowd for their match, Ziggler would get mad pops.

    Although I guess that isn't a good thing :okay:
  20. It would be a great thing if they turned him into a tweener, which I think would work great for Dolph's. He could be like Austin Aries was for his short period as a face/tweener. But WWE needs heels, and Dolph is a good one if booked like a fucking heel :angry:.
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