William Regal announced as guest trainer for 2012 Harley Race Wrestling Camp

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  1. William Regal announced as guest trainer for 2012 Harley Race Wrestling Camp


    WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race is excited to announce that William Regal will be a special guest trainer for his 14th annual Harley Race Wrestling Camp. This year’s camp is scheduled to take place Nov. 26 through Nov. 30.

    The world-renowned camp has a new location — 28 Karen Drive in Eldon, Mo. Spots are limited and filling up fast.

    A camp guest trainer on behalf of WWE, Regal has travelled around the world countless times and is well regarded as one of the best in-ring technicians today. He is a locker room leader within WWE and is currently the announcer for WWE NXT. Regal is scheduled to attend the camp Thursday, Nov. 29 through Friday, Nov. 30. He will be on hand to offer advice to this year’s class and scout talent for WWE.

    While attending last year’s Harley Race Wrestling Camp, Regal gave the class valuable insight and performed at the live event that capped off the weeklong seminar. Besides being an entertaining and informative commentator, he's a mentor to the future WWE Superstars who compete on WWE NXT, passing along his 30-plus years of knowledge to the next generation.

    To sign up for the 2012 Harley Race Wrestling Camp, please visit www.harleyrace.com/camp12.html. You can sign up online or print out the application form and mail it in. For more information, please email [email protected] or call 573-392-4100.

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