William Regal discussion thread (pics, matches, tweets, news etc)

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  1. Per the request of @[Rainman] I present to you the William Regal discussion thread. Time to discuss one of the greatest of all time. Lets see if we can get it to rival the skanky thread.

    Starting off with some pics.

    Sexy beast

  2. you didnt use the title i wanted :okay:

    I love when regal used to use the brass knuckles :emoji_grin:
  3. That would be a insult to the man's man
  4. im tagging @[King Regality]
  5. Regal is a wrestling.........god. (With apologies to JBL)

    His commentary on NXT is not of this world. He needs to be the new color commentator on Smackdown now that Booker is GM. Listening to JR and Regal is an absolute joy. Hearing him play off of Cole would be awesome.

    He has been the consummate professional as a wrestler. He's willing to teach, to learn new things, put guys over, whatever it takes to help the company. It's one of the great tragedies of the wrestling business that, for whatever reason might be given, he never got the chance to shine as a world champion in WWE. It would have been nice to see him with one world championship reign before he hung up his boots. When he was Raw GM, he was hilariously evil and very good at propping up heels and pushing down faces.

    I hope Regal still has a long WWE career behind the scenes and on commentary.

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  6. Regal is god.

  7. He's a man!
  8. Does anyone think regal will eventually become GM :yay:?


    Not one of Regal's finest moments

  9. Yes, I believe this to be true. He will.
  10. This thread made me giggle.
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  11. Fantastic post.

    People need to also mention how many wrestlers he's trained/helped and trains/helps now. He's just amazing.

  12. This is possibly one of the best pure wrestling matches of 2011. Teacher vs student.

    And Regal has trained a lot of talented wrestlers and is probably helping a ton of the guys in WWE and NXT with their work.

    He's trained Daniel Bryan and CM Punk (dude trains champs), he's also trained Brian Kendrick, Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno, Samoa Joe and Reckless Youth to name a few.
  13. Posted first :boss:
  14. You only posted the video noob. I also posted some facts :haha:
  15. Great match, even better moment.


  16. Well done. :burns:


    Fun fact: first match i ever watched of 2011, was Bryan vs Regal.
  17. Regal is a legend. One of the nicest man in the business as well. I heard he was going to win the WWE title in 2008 but was caught with drugs. :upset:
  18. Regal with drugs? What? :dafuq:
  19. Regal has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse.