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  1. Pretty small organization so I doubt there will be 1000s of entries. Got all mine in. :bodallas:

    KOGamingDeals is presenting a gaming bundle for FREE where you can win a brand new White PS4 with Destiny bundle soon as it is released (it has been pre-order). Not too shabby a deal!

    For a chance to win, enter here :

    For extra entries...
    LIKE the KOGamingDeals Facebook page ^^^
    SUBSCRIBE to the mailing list @
    FOLLOW them on Twitter & Retweet their message @

    Tell your friends about this competition so is can grow and provide better deals in the future.
    The winner of the PS4 bundle will be announced on 6 September, 2014
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  2. Did you play the Destiny beta, Solidus?
  3. Thank you Sir.. got my 12 entries in... now let's just hope the contest is open to people outside the UK because, unfortunately, I did not read the rules lol
  4. Me neither lol, I just put my entries in!
  5. Am I the only one that keeps thinking @Just Kevin is talking to himself when @Sharpy Sandow posts after? God damn avatars :lol1:
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  6. >Facebook
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  7. Please learn to use those arrows. You're literally murdering them with your usage.
  8. >arrows
  9. Witt McWittison
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  10. Thanks for sharing Solidus, I'm a Xbox guy but I'd be stupid to pass down a chance at a free ps4
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