Win For the Ring -- Update 10-1-12 [EXCERPT 1.1]

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  1. Well I finally have an excerpt chosen from the first story in the Win For the Ring series. I feel a little awkward with it, but it is moving the story along rather well. So...hopefully, y'all will enjoy the excerpt.

    You can check out other excerpts from my other novels as well as artwork I've done on my deviantart gallery:

    Win For the Ring © 2012 Ravyn Karasu


    The Monday night event started in the usual way. The crowd held up their signs, some homemade and some purchased in the lobby to encourage the proper hype. In the backstage area, the crew checked all of the equipment one last time. The wrestlers spent the last few minutes of preparation warming up and bracing themselves for the night ahead. As always, they would perform their best.

    " Welcome to WHW Monday!" Rex Hall announced from the commentary table. " Last week, we had the shaking experience of witnessing Mad Money Max betray his tag-team partner, The Dragonfly, Clover Leif. This puts the status of The Green Machine up in the air of uncertainty."

    " Mad Money and Dragonfly are both very sly young men; the trickiest duo in WHW," B.J. Scott added. " There's no telling what they could be up to."

    It was then that the lights turned green and then music that signaled Mad Money began to play. It was only half of his entrance, for his personally printed dollar bills failed to fall. This wasn't a match…but apparently a special appearance. " Oh, no!" B.J. cried out.

    " Speak of the devil," Rex stated dryly. " Here comes the infamous Mad Money Max Monty now!"

    Mad Money smiled as the fans booed him and held their thumbs down at him. There were a few loyal fans that still cheered him on, despite his heel stance. This new development prompted enough of the crowd to recognize and acknowledge his newfound villainy. Even in this way, he held himself with a certain level of arrogant sophistication.

    Dark green shades covered his eyes and his trusty green top hat set upon his head, the golden dollar signs centered just perfectly in the front. He wore his green gloves, each marked as well with the golden dollar signs and a snazzy green tail-coat draped over his green tights. Each leg sported golden symbols for the yen, the franc, and the dollar sign which dipped into his green boots.

    He stood in the center of the ring with his smug smile as he inspected the crowd. Up came the microphone and his grin grew. " Good evening, my adoring public," he began, followed by a clean wave of cheers and boos…but mostly boos.
    " For years, I have shared my limelight with The Dragonfly, Clover Leif. For years, I had to associate my greatness as a manager and a wrestler with him." More crowd reactions. " But Friday, I brought that charade to an end. I am the true talent of The Green Machine. I am the fruit of the garden. And Clover…" Mad Money shook his head shamefully, " …he is just a weed."

    The lights tinged again to another pre-programmed green and the Irish-esque music began. Wild cheers roared from the crowd as Mad Money spun around in feigned, overdramatic shock. Out came Clover, known to the fans as The Dragonfly, far more speedily than normal. Gone was his little twirls and cantors, skips and…whatever he normally chose to do to please the crowd. This was serious business, and he came out in that sort of fashion. He came out and began to march swiftly down the ramp towards the ring and then stood toe to toe with his former partner.

    Clover was much shorter than Max. He stood at 5'9 to Max's 6'3, though Clover was less twiggy in his physique. His light green hair curled like an unraveling lamb. Like Max, he also dressed in green, a full green suit with light green turtle-neck shirt and gloves. Rather than boots, he wore special green shoes. Perhaps, he was even more green, for he stared emerald eyes into the blues of Max.

    " A weed?! Oh, my dear Max, you are definitely a fruit, alright, but it has nothing to do with gardens!" The crowd laughed and cheered as Max overplayed his offense and outrage.

    " How dare you…"

    " How dare you!" Clover interjected. " I have worked just as hard as you. In fact, harder! I had to earn my place here. I don't have a rich uncle to give me a job in his wrestling company."

    " I have earned it!" Max insisted.

    " In case you've forgotten, Max, I have held three different titles," Clover declared. " I was an Intergender Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, and I was a Tag-Team Champion!"

    " You would not have been a champ if not for me!" Max hissed.

    " We would not have lost our tag-team titles to Zodiac if it wasn't for you!" Clover accused. " As for my management skills, I have successfully managed champions. In fact, in case you've forgotten, Seraph still holds the Heavyweight Championship title."

    " Temporary," Max chuckled. " Voodoo Pazuzu has had his eye on that title, and I'd put my money on the future hall of famer over your muscular punk. Face it, you oversized leprechaun, without me to hold you up, you will crumble where you stand!"

    " Ha!" Clover scoffed. " I could outdo you anytime, anywhere, and anyhow!"

    Both threw down their microphones and began to brawl. It was rather brief, but it ended with a huricanrana and three stomps to Clover. Max stumbled across the ring to retrieve his microphone. He returned to loom over Clover as he huffed and puffed.

    " You think you can outdo me? Do you really think it's unfair that I have experience and money in my favor? Prove it! I dare you to try! Show me that nobodies can take down successful veterans of the trade! You don't stand a chance!"

    Max threw down the microphone hard enough to get a loud pop from the mat and a squeal of feedback. " Did you hear that nonsense, Rex?" B.J. chuckled, though in a tone that was somewhere muddled between confused and amused.

    " I did, B.J." Rex replied. " Mad Money Max Monty wants Dragonfly Clover Leif to recruit and manage a team of noobs to face off against WHW's highly trained and precise superstars."

    Clover crawled over towards the fallen microphone. He reached for it and dragged it closer as he pushed himself onto his knees and elbows, " Max! You're…on!" As Clover dropped, the crowd cheered uncontrollably. Max walked backwards up the ramp, glaring at the ring and the fans with disbelief and disgust before turning and hurrying backstage. The commentators felt their jaws drop in utter amazement.

    " He can't be serious!" B.J. cried out. " Surely, Mr. Curtis McMason would never allow such a crazy thing to happen!"

    " There's no telling," Rex replied in a much calmer tone. " McMason has been known to do some pretty crazy things over the years. To make matters worse, I wonder if he'll have an easy time saying no to his own nephew. All we can do now, B.J. is wait and see…"
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