Win For the Ring -- Update 9-16-12

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  1. Since there are SO many facets for me to work out, I decided simply to make each update its own thread with the corresponding date of the update. So, here it goes:

    Win For the Ring is the title of the novel I am writing. It's about pro wrestling and wrestling entertainment. It's fictional, involving fictional characters [some based loosely on actual wrestlers and some being "recycled" characters from other novel projects I've written]. It's supposed to be fun and even comical, though utilizing facets of the professional wrestling business and secrets [but not ALL secrets's supposed to be fun for wrestling fans too].

    Now for a bit of the bad news. While a large portion of the story's plot has been figured out, I'm still not confident that it is definite yet. So, I do want to work on it a bit more to work out a few more bugs before writing up a proper synopsis. I know, y'all are tired of hearing me say that, but I am getting closer. More updates to the plot have been made and I'm really liking the direction.

    To help be envision the characters better, I actually purchased a new memory card for PS2 to create the characters as a rough on the WWE 2011 game. Corny, I know, but with a visual I can see who fits, who doesn't, who needs to be redesigned, removed, etc. Already found some issues with a few of the characters I need to really rethink.

    I do have a few original characters as well, and I have been working on their development for most of the day today.

    Anyway, that was a brief update. Just letting the curious know what was going on. Hoping to work on some extra notes and a rough chronological chart for plan out some events so the story comes together in a neater fashion.

    So, that's that :otunga:
  2. Nice update! Looking forward to hearing more.
  3. Make characters based on here. Me, D'Z, Spot, Seabs, Crayo (puke asshole), Xanth, and so many more. Im tellign you, writing about FANS could be way bigger than writing about the people who are chosen themselves.
  4. And Ariana Grande.
  5. I don't really know y'all well enough ^-^

    This one focuses more on the wrestlers, but I do have ideas in mind for a story about a wrestling fan. It's not thought out enough yet for me to really discuss.

    However, there are always options to write more novels. What sort of ideas did you have in mind? Perhaps there's something I can work with to get a base idea.
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