Win For the Ring -- Update 9-17-12

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by RavynKarasu, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Yeah an update already. So, firstly, I ended up having to drop a character since she was just not exciting enough to recur. To keep the numbers even, I dropped my least favorite character from the other team as well. I figured this would be better than wrestling with the creation of another character I just didn't feel a connection to.

    I have come across another snag that COULD be just as easily fixed, but I wanted some opinions. I really enjoy a lot of the characters I've created and I would really like to develop them and the relationships in and out of the ring more deeply. Originally, Win For the Ring was going to be just one novel. However, I worry the story might be too long for just one book due to so many facets of the characters and business I wanted to explore. Granted, I could STILL write just one novel and have it become one BIG book, but somehow I think that would deter readers, even wrestling fans, despite the topic. So, I'm toying with making it a small series of books so that transitions would be made more smoothly. I have around 30-ish character for the rosters and so many options. I also wanted to manipulate the in-ring storyline a little more in-depth. After all, I already put a lot of thought into the story itself...why not the business end of it?

    Eventually, I would love to release the story as a comic and have been checking out some talent in and out of the studio I work for to see if it would be possible. I'm a bit picky. However, I wanted to wait until I could write the project in book form first. Translating a script from the manuscript is a bit easier.

    But, for now, what do y'all think? Would you be interested in reading a comical mini-series about the "journey" of these wrestlers throughout their first year? As I said, it would allow more in-dept in-ring storyline and dialogue as well as out of ring character development.

    While the novel(s) are the priority now, would anyone be interested in following and reading such a story in comic form for more visual effect? I know for such a story, it's hard to really describe such a visual event (but I plan to do my darndest to make it work)

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