Win For the Ring -- Update 9-20-12 [SUMMARY]

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  1. I've decided to turn Win For the Ring into a small mini series. I'll probably have like...maybe 6 stories all together. After all, the story takes place for a little over a year.

    I've not written a professional synopsis or anything yet, but I do have a general plot I've finally decided on. The story involves many characters but I'm thinking the main focus will be on my originals: Yue Ryunaga, Miguel Gomez, and Luna Munsch, though I'm thinking of adding a lot of attention to Kelleth Tolensky, a character from another novel who is appearing in this novel.

    Okay, so here's the summary:

    Yue Ryunaga, Miguel Gomez, and Luna Munsch are all long distance friends who are big wrestling fans. They discuss it and make it a big part of their life. They soon get a chance to their dream of becoming professional wrestlers when an event allows them to audition their stuff.

    They aren't alone, and after a lengthy process, the wannabe wrestlers are narrowed down to only a few of the most interesting/talented. These newbies are joined by a few professional wrestling advocates to help perfect their training and hone their skills as they compete against wrestlers already on the professional roster. If they can prove themselves, they get contracts and become official members of that same roster.

    This becomes an eye-opening experience to the newbie wrestlers due to their inexperience, cockiness, and limited understanding of the business. To make things worse, they aren't entirely sure what is going on or what their main objective is supposed to be...all in the name of wrestling entertainment.


    That's a general overview. The readers get to follow the regular life and wrestling life of Yue, Miguel, and many other misfit or twisted characters.

    As mentioned before, I removed two characters. This week, I also e-mailed my friend Dylan, who is supposed to be debuting in TNA. He had asked me to make a character based on him for the novel, which I did. However, because of certain circumstances, I did not want to ultimtely release the inspired character without his approval. I'm currently awaiting his reply to the information sent to see if I have to fix anything. He should get back to me on Sunday.

    So that's what's going on. I plan on re-writing my cast list, so I may write up little bio sheets on each of the major players. So, in time, you should have a list of characters to mull over as well. I just wanted to make sure this one character was set before I shared them.

    Hope this has gained your curiosity. The plan today is to do some freewriting to see what I can come up with for a first chapter or something. First rough, basically. I'm looking forward to it.
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