Win For the Ring -- Update 9-30-12

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by RavynKarasu, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Okay, so it's been a little bit since I last updated my endeavors. I came across a snag recently and will need to work a little on replacing a few characters in my story...about not too bad there. I actually ended up with 6 characters that were not very good. 3 female characters were removed, one replaced. 3 male characters were removed, so far, only one has been replaced. Still working on the other two...debating on one of them.

    So, prep this and prep that, have I actually written anything? YES! I have actually started writing the novel (series). In fact, I just finished typing up chapter 4. Things are moving a wee bit slow, since I had to develop a couple characters first, but it's starting to come together now.


    In other news, I'm still doing research. I've sent e-mails to TNA in order to have some questions answered and hope to see the reply to that sometime this week [since I mailed it on a Friday night]. I've learned a lot so far, and hope to learn more to make this novel the best I can make it.

    I was a bit worried that my stories or characters may be a bit odd...and while a few were cut, I feel better about my storyline. I spent the last few hours watching AWE stuff has GOT to be better than that. I mean, it was entertaining, but some of that banter was horrible [as were some of the wrestler's personalities].

    Anyway, that's a brief update on "Win For the Ring" and I'm hoping to eventually pick a chapter to use as my first excerpt to share with the public. I want to write a bit more before I decide for sure, since I want to pick an excerpt that's interesting, but not too much of a spoiler and not too confusing.
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