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  1. So twice today I have had this shut down saying they have encountered a problem and must shut down, googled it and the only people posting are on Windows 7 and it wont let them do anything at all, Can I get some help with this? Note: Scanned for malware 2 days ago and nothing and have not downloaded anything since and have not downloaded Windows 8.1.
  2. What does the error actually say? Does it give you an error code?

    Also, just because your virus scanner doesn't pick it up it doesn't mean you don't have an infection. Some malware is FUD, which means fully undetectable, and the scanner might not recognise it as malware.

    Download this:

    Open it.
    Leave everything as default, but on the 'extra registry' section click use safelist. Just to the right you'll see LOP check and Purity check, tick both those boxes also. Set file age to 60 days at the top. Click runs can.

    You should get 2 logs in 2 .txt files, go to and copy and paste each one then post the links to each pastie here.
  3. I cant remember the error code if it happens again I will write it down. The link you gave me just takes me to the home page of the forum and what will i be running and will it give out any info I want to stay private?
  4. Also will now having 8.1 make any difference?
  5. It says what files/registry altercations were made. Obviously if it's just starting and it is malware the chances are you got it within the last 60 days. It doesn't give out any private information, OTL logs are posted on malware removal sites all the time.

    8.1 wouldn't make any difference I don't believe.

    Use this link;
  6. And if you didn't want the logs public, you can PM them if you want.
  7. It says my pastie is too large
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