Winners of the MITB prediction contest....

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jonathan, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. The winners are: @[Pedobear], @[Sackfist] and @[Adeel]!

    All 3 correctly guessed the tie-breaker question and all had equal points.

    You can see the full card result and prediction results below:
    Show Spoiler
    SmackDown MITB --- Dolph Ziggler
    RAW MITB --- John Cena
    Sheamus > Del Rio
    Punk > Bryan
    RTruth&Kofi > Hunico&Camacho

    AJ interfere - No
    Clean finish - Yes
    Divas - Yes
    Ryback - Yes, 2
    WWE Title MITB - 2:26:03 - 2:46:07 - 20m 4 s
    WHC Title MITB - 9:32 - 28:01 - 18m 29s

    Cash in same night - No

    Pedobear - 14
    Gohan6425 Randy Savage - 10
    Leojay - 12
    Derpy - 9
    Mark_htfc - 7
    Crayo - 13
    Seabs - 7
    Leo C - 11
    DT-bomb123 - 12
    GrammarNazi82 - 11
    KevinLockard - N/A (Didn't answer all questions)
    Sackfist - 14
    Rainman - 10
    Big Hoss Rambler - 12
    MarkyMark - 12
    William - 11
    Chris1990slater - 9
    R'Albin - 13
    Stopspot - 10
    Ariana Grande - 10
    Tyson Kidd - 10
    Testify - 9
    wwerulesrkolover23 - 12
    Silkysox - 13
    Adeel - 14
    Trekster - 12
    Wacokid27 - 10
    Ziggles - 13
    ColeMiner - 9

    Thanks for playing everyone and good luck next time, at SummerSlam!


  3. Woo Hoo. Do all three of us get awards?
  4. I don't think the tie breaker broke any ties, but congrats to you guys anyway.
  5. Stupid tie-breaker question tbh Jonathan. How is it a tie-breaker if people can draw on it?
  6. 12 points. :obama:

    so much for the tie breaker.. -_- if it had what time XXX match ends, it'd have been easier. the closest time wins.
  7. Let me do next time I promissen that WILL NOT be 1 tie breaker!
  8. Randy, no one will be able to read your questions. :otunga:
  9. It call the matchest will be on most that how get then I make the question.
  10. lol what a surprise. I knew this would happen with that lame ass tie breaker (and bonus questions for that matter)

    I'll take the time to make these in the future.. didn't realize it was such an art form
  11. See what I mean. I didn't even understand that post.:otunga:
  12. Lol, sorry.
    I'll chose a better tie-breaker the next time I do one. :obama:
  13. AWARD!!!
  14. it call copy and paste and edit that hope I will do it!
  15. Jonathan who was closest no the times? Add up how much far they were on both, the one with the least amount wins tie-breaker. Not giving out 3 prediction cups lol.

    Oh and shocker, once again I was 2nd. I'm sure that's more or less every single PPV. Most consistent predictor = Crayo.
  16. You are to prediction contests what I am to MOTM voting

    Collecting dem silver medals baby
  17. Gold's overrated -- too mainstream :boss1:

    Fuck, this sig is making me actually turn into you.
  18. NOOOOOOOO i cant lose this!!! i better win!!! :((
  19. I came in second with my first ever prediction contest entry. This time, I sucked. :sad: Gotta' do better for SummerSlam.
  20. Pedobear was closest Crayo.

    Pedobear guessed 18 for both, it was 18 & 20.
    Sackfist guessed 20 for WWE (correct) but 25 for WHC)
    Adeel said 32 and 26.

    @[Pedobear] wins!
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