Winter transfer window thread

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  1. With the winter transfer window starting in less than a month, I figured it would be a good time to start this thread. Post anything you hear about transfers in here.

    Never sure what to believe in transfer rumors sometimes. I heard Arsenal were after Morata and Pato but Wenger has denied it. I'm interested to see who Real Madrid bring in.
  2. Stickying this so it doesn't get lost.
  3. Casillas may leave Madrid... Would hate to se that happening.
  4. Morata and Jese to get loaned. Maybe Tottenham.
    Falcao has been rumoured as Real Madrid's target
  5. And Benzema to be released, right?
  6. Shaqiri to Liverpool on loan? Would be nice...
  7. Surprise, surprise. Apparently Real Madrid are interested in Suarez.
  8. @Danielson I see Grandy is headed to your side of town, what are your thoughts?
  9. Grandy and Chris young for half of what the Yanks paid for Ellsbury. Pretty stoked.
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  10. Brewers moved Aoki, and I personally love Doug Melvin, so i'm on the up and up on this season already.

    "First meeting Granderson over a salmon dinner last Sunday night in California, Alderson began negotiating seriously on Wednesday, according to sources."
    Seriously who gets paid to write these MLB articles? There was a Brewers update i read earlier that reeked of fanboyism.
  11. Yeah, plus Braun will be back. Love him or hate him he gives you a chance to win.

    Mets line up doesn't look bad imo.
    Juan Lagares (learn that name
    Chris Young
    Travis D'Arnaud ( learn that name)
    Rueben Tejada
    Pitcher spot

    Rotation still needs work with the loss of Harvey but

    Wheeler (will be an ace)
    Niese( solid 2)
    Noah Synderguard( better than wheeler and harvey)
    Dillion Gee( 15 game winner)
    ------------ we need a 5th starter( next year move everyone down and put harvey in there)Playoffs 2015 easy.
  12. I like it, especially at the price. 4 year 60 mil for Grandy and a 1 year 7.5 for your boy Young.

    Of course I love Brauny back, how he does in April and May really have to set the tone (if you remove those two months from our last 3 season, we are a MUCH, much better team, especially considering our losses last season. It's our last year with Weeks, Hart I dont want for over 4.5+ incentives, DM saved us 2 mil (I'll take it) and got us a 24 year old lefty arm locked down for the next 5 years. Oh, and Khris Davis is going to be chillin in Left field like a damn boss again, and I get to mark out seeing Scooter daily. I love our team, and there is no chance it happens, but I would love Bronson Arroyo in a crew jersey, and hell yes i would still buy the jersey (fanboy)
  13. You have to figure, both of them are previous all stars, and the Yanks paid Jacoby 7 years 154 million and the mets spent 67 million for roughly the same production. Love that the mets make moves like this instead of going after that HUGE name. You guys should be improved, but I think you are a year or two away like the mets.

    EDIT: Just noticed we are in a soccer thread. Way to go, now i'm going to get yelled at.
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  14. Nah, it'll probably just be a few deleted posts an a pity scold. I didn't even realize it either, I only came to tag you for some baseball talk.

    Yeah I don't expect the Cards/Red's/Pit to lose out on much performance from last year, but once we get our 1b prospect Morris on the bag, our entire team is basically locked down until 2019.
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  15. Shoulda made a baseball thread. It's my favorite sport, i'll talk baseball for hours.
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  16. Saw winter transfer window and assumed it was the meetings coming up. Maybe we can get lucky and (as it's well accepted) since i'm an idiot, we might be able to get the posts moved over into a different thread?
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  17. I think our best bet is making the Canuck do it. He at least has a baseball team in his country and might understand.
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  18. Discuss all sport transfers in here if you want.
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  19. can see man u making a big money panic buy in january at this rate
  20. To add to my previous post about Suarez, I read that Real Madrid are willing to pay up to 60 million pounds for him.
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