With all this heel talk about Orton...

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  1. Could he actually turn heel by turning on Sheamus? Sheamus really isn't over at all and his face super push has been a bit of a fail imo. I simply can not see the arena erupting in boos because Orton RKO'd Sheamus. I guarantee it'd get more cheers than boos to be honest.
  2. It's still a heel attacking a face, but I don't know. A lot of people want Randy Orton to be heel, with all these people, would he really be a heel, or just like a Stone Cold face?
  3. This week the crowd seemed to love Sheamus, so maybe he's over with braindead ass casuals who'll pop for a bag of shit if you stuck a "babyface" sticker on it.

    But a New York crowd? Lol, expect an uncontrollable frenzy of excitement.
  4. I hope he turns heel.
  5. Well, tbh, if you exclude Cena and the part timers is there anyone else he could turn on? Except for a few hometown pop guys or legends I hardly think there's anyone who could get Orton booed by being attacked, since his gimmick is pretty much that of a guy who strikes first and asks questions later. But what I mean basically is that although Sheamus wouldn't be the best choice, there aren't many others that would be more suitable, so if they're going to do it just do it on Sheamus anyway.
  6. For the time now, it may be better to turn Sheamus imo..

    Sure, I'd love to see Orton as a heel again. But like said, he probably get cheered for doing it.
  7. Imagine the heat if Sheamus turned on Orton.
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  8. ^Well, history proves your point.

    I don't really care to see Orton to heel to be honest, unlike what I feel is the majority of this forum. Character wise, their is like zero difference. In-ring wise the main difference (at least going by his last heel run) is him slowing his in-ring offense up way too much for me to enjoy basically any match he did. I suppose I understand from a booking standpoint considering he seemed to be booked higher on the card more consistently rather than just kind of floating around but I got to tell you I couldn't be any less excited at the prospect of Orton hogging the main event scene again.
  9. I literally choked on my soda when I read that. I would find that hilarious. Heel Sheamus would probably just annoy me though.
  10. He was alright as a heel from what I remember, I actually kind of liked him. Way better than his character now... though that really isn't saying much :cornette:
  11. Didn't watch when he was a heel but I'll take your word for it. :obama:
  12. i would love to see him as a bad guy again. i love them bad :woo:
  13. Both Sheamus and Orton are way better as heels imo, but if they are turning someone, it will be Orton and not Sheamus.
  14. The problem with Orton are those girls fans .
    They have an orgasm every time he shows up .
    The only way of gettin that heat is bringing back the kick .
    Rko sheamus , and then the Raw after WM rko someone more important like Jericho .
  15. The only way I could see him getting alot of heat, is RKO ing Rock. He'd probably get more cheers than anything xD
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