With all this Rock vs Punk Rumble talk, what about the actual Rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Who's winning the Rumble match? Last year it was all we were talking about as Jericho had just returned and most of us predicted he would win it - damn you Sheamus - but what about this year? Is it going to be used as a storline enhancer where X superstar wins the rumble to get another title shot, or will it be used to build a future star by having a mid carder move to the main event?

    Personally, I think Ryback is winning it. Why? He's had chances at Punk already and lost due to outside interference. I think Cena is interfering in Punk v Rock to allow Punk to win (so he can have part 2 with Rock) and then Punk vs Ryback will happen at WM with Ryback getting the clean win.
  2. Either Ryback, Wade Barrett or possibly a returning Cody Rhodes in my opitnion, great way to push those guys into the main event naturally. Daniel Bryan could also be a possibility if Hell No is over by then. Heck Depending on how high profile Miz will be in the start of his face turn (so far quite high profile without taking too much space) maybe even he could win it but I think he will be embroiled in a personal rivalry with someone instead.
  3. Ryback or Cena
  4. This has been my prediction for the last few weeks. I threw out the Ryback-Punk idea once they were signed to fight again at TLC, but now that that match is off, I see Ryback winning the Rumble and finally getting his one-on-one rematch with Punk, where he finally beats Punk and wins the belt. I think the Rumble match will come down to Cena and Ryback, with Ryback tossing Cena out to a (hopefully) loud pop.
  5. My preference? Brad Maddox.

    #WWELogic? Cena, for Rock/Cena Part Dos
  6. #WWELogic would be for Brad Maddox to win...

    Cena is a decent call. If Rock beats Punk then I guess Cena winning the rumble sets up their planned title match.
  7. I believe Ryback wins and challenges either Ziggler or Show at WM for the title.
  8. Ryback is ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww push the brakes and thank me later. Anyway Mizamania will run wild
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  9. I'm starting to think that Orton might win and challenge Dolph Ziggler for the WHC.
  10. I'm so meh about the rumble this year again, with Punk, Barrett and Ziggler(presumably) busy, there's nobody who I care that much about who has a realistic chance of winning. I'd like to see Rhodes get pretty close to the end if he appears though. Fully expecting a Ryberg victory.
  11. I think its either Ryback or Cena, I don't see anyone else winning it...
  12. Probally Cena to set up Rock/Cena part 2. If not him, I could see Daniel Bryan maybe, or even someone like Orton or Cody Rhodes.
  13. Ryback will win unfortunately
  14. Either Kane win if Hell No ends and he ends up challenging Big Show for the World Championship, or Ryback win the rumble and has a rematch against Punk.
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