Chikara With Chikara "Closing down"

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. What do you guys think will happen with the current Chikara roster during this lockdown of the promotion? Will they all migrate directly to the Wreslting IS promotion or will they start branching out to other promotions during this lockdown which the jury is still out on if it is legit or just an angle planned from the start?

    I hope to see some more Chikara guys out in the other promotions. Helps the community out a lot. Still won't be against them going only to Wrestling Is as long as they can build up an interest in this new promotion/project from the Chikara people.

  2. Could be a chance for RoH to scoop up some decent talent and freshen up the roster/feuds.
  3. I think all of the roster or at least 70 % of it will appear in wrestling is but I could see some go to other promotions to help sell the "Chikara is closing down angle". Question is if ROH would take them since it would help promote another company's angle. How long this angle will go on is also a question.

  4. At this point they're in desperate need of something fresh. I never thought I'd be as disinterested in RoH as much as I am right now. No matter what the reasoning is, it'd be worth it IMO.
  5. If Chikara guys show up in ROH I don't think they will stay for the long run. This is obviously a Chikara angle being worked (90% sure) and they'll likely be out on the independents as long as the company is "down". Once they win it back they will be back in Chikara. Unsure on if ROH would like to invest in guys who ain't there in the long run right now.
  6. Apparently from some sleuthing online Wrestling Is will be an umbrella promotion, featuring brands named things like Wrestling is Fun (catering to younger audiences), Wrestling is respect, Wrestling is art & Wrestling is Awesome being the ones I have found just now. Spread out in certain states/areas (Wrestling is awesome being new york based for example). I guess stories will tie over and like in the old NWA they had travelling titles.

    This could be interesting.
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