Kayfabe With Great Power....

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    *Will Neilson comes out alone. Rhys Haze is nowhere to be seen, the same can be said for Antonio Stark. He is carrying his MITB briefcase as he makes his way down to the ring, he climbs in and raises the briefcase up high, many loud cheers are heard. Will asks for a microphone and begins to speak.*

    Will: I already know what you are thinking.... where is your buddy Rhys? Well... he said he isn't feeling that great and he wants to be 100% for his match tonight against Cali. *Some boos can be heard, and the crowd chant 'We want Rhys!* I'm sorry guys... as I said he ain't up for coming out here at the moment. As you know... I have this. *Will raises the briefcase again.* This briefcase right here means a heck of a lot to me. I worked my ass off to get where I am right now! Half the reason I am standing here with this briefcase is because of the support that Rhys and Antonio have given me! I've gone from losing every match to having a World Title match whenever the fuck I want! *Crowd cheers loudly.*

    Will: I'm not competing tonight, but I have got an important role to play. Ryan Blake, despite the villain he is, came to me and asked me the officiate tonights contest between Rhys Haze and Cali. My best friend vs. A high flying genius! Just before Money in the Bank, Cali was talking a lot of shit about me and Rhys, little did he know he would be lying on the outside after being hit by a Pele Kick courtesy of my boy Rhys! Oh... you don't have a briefcase? Well that's too fucking unfortunate isn't it mate? Tonight I have the power to control your match, you dare lay a fucking finger on me and trust me you will regret it! *Crowd cheer but are taken back a bit by what Will is saying, Will smiles and composes himself for what he is going to say next.* You may say I will abuse my power as a ref, but only if someone takes things out of proportion, and if it is a fair contest then I can count 1,2,3 and raise the hand of who ever is victorious be it Rhys Haze or Cali!

    *Will grabs his briefcase and puts it on the commentary table, people are wondering why he is doing that. Will climbs back in the ring and starts to speak again, but not before doing a couple of backflips aswell as dancing a bit in the ring.*

    Will: I'm expecting something to break down, may as well be prepared.. *Will rips his shirt off to reveal a referee shirt with his name printed on the back.* I'm waiting.....

    *Will sits down in the ring (kinda like CM Punk.) and looks directly at the titantron. Rhys Haze's solo music starts to play and Will is a little bit shocked as he starts to stand up, and stare at the ramp with a smile on his face.*


    @Solarxpixel - your next.

    Sorry if I went a bit too far with the rant. xD
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  2. *Rhys wastes no time getting down the enterance ramp and to ringside, walking quickly like he was Stone Cold. Rhys grins at Will who is sitting in the ring for a short second then makes his away to the announce table. He knows the briefcase is there and he puts his hand on it then slams it a couple of times, as the announcers give him an odd look. After pulling his eyes away from the shiny golden case he jumps onto the ring apron and holds the ropes and looks at Will again, still grinning. He jumps over the ropes to enter the squared circle and picks up Will's microphone.*

    Rhys: Hello everybodyyyyyyyy! *Rhys puts his arms out and embraces the loud pop from the crowd the Last Heroes are receiving* Before I get to my opponent Cali, I have something I need to talk about. That big, giant golden lunchbox sitting on the desk over there. *He points to it and looks at it* I was hungry for what was in it, but it's not mine. I have to give it to Will, all four of us fought like warriors last Sunday to call it ours but this time Will was the better man. We destroyed our competition in that ring and did whatever we needed to in order to climb the ladder, even if it meant fighting eachother... But its whatever, it's in the past now and Will gets to eat the rewards from the lunchbox.

    Rhys: However in that match me and Cali did have a small battle ourselves which was never finished. That's why tonight we are going to finish what we started in the ladder match. We are gonna have a FAIR contest with nobody else and no weapons, and find out who would've won between me and you Cali. Hopefully my dude Will knows what to do as a ref tonight and -- *Rhys just realises that Will is actually the referee for his match tonight* Will. Why are you the ref? I know you are wearing the uniform and everything but... what the hell? *They start laughing at eachother and Rhys throws the mic away. Rhys and Will high five eachother, Rhys then goes to sit in the corner of the ring and Will stands in the middle, both awaiting the enterance of Cali.*
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