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  1. Does him being in the main event/spotlight bother you less than before? One of the main things I read about HHH within the IWC is how much spotlight he hogs, and how much it bothers all of us. Would you be equally as mad if him being the corporate heel overshadowed Orton's heel reign? Would you be equally as mad if him being the corporate heel ruined Daniel Bryan's hot moment?

  2. Let's face it, he needs to overshadow Orton. Orton can wrestle the matches, but who would you really rather hear talk? Heel HHH or heel Orton?
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  3. I've never really had a problem with his involvement in recent storylines going on in the main event scene. Also,I agree with D'Z,if they're gonna be a stable I'd rather have Trips do the majority of the promos instead of Orton because heel Trips on the mic is just great imo. Furthermore,I really can't see him ruining Bryan's hotness,if anything the way he puts Bryan down so much would only get Bryan more over with the fans(if that's even possible right now).
  4. HHH needs to be the mouthpiece of this feud, Orton just sucks on the mic nowadays. Listen to the promo he had Monday.
  5. I amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh the gameaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
  6. As a fan, I'm bothered by it. I can't stand Triple H's promos, his one on Raw was awful.
    But this angle's being done to please the IWC, with the internet's favorite son vs everyone's least favorite spotlight-hogging asshole. So our hatred = the angle doing it's job. Brilliant booking.
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  7. His promo was too long but I didn't think it was bad by any stretch.

  8. "I did it for you, I did it for you, I did it for your children, I did it for their children, I did it for all of you standing ontop of that ramp, I did it for Vince McMahon, I did it for his grandfather, I did it for his father, I did it for him, I did it for his wife and our children, I did it for each and everyone of you."

    Then half way through it sounded like we were getting a play by play of Triple H's night after with Blandy Borton.

    God damn, it was boring. The only thing he did for me was send me to sleep,
  9. I say give each McMahon mic time, I don't mind which one gets the most honestly. They all put down Bryan in their sense of kayfabe view. which just makes the crowd love him even more. Between Stephanie's Solid B+, Vince's Corporate standards, and Triple H's assholeness(not to mention the IWC hates him for burying talent), there's no wrong that they can do. Even if Triple H drags out a long promo, we'll have another one of them doing a better promo that'll add gas to Bryan's flame. It's a lot better then having, "My name.......is Randy Orton."
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  10. Yeah his promo should have been way better, I agree with Rain there. The fact he used his old music again bothered me, why not keep the king of kings one?
  11. He's done this plenty of times, switching between the King of Kings and his normal entrance music. He seems to save the King of Kings one for special occasions.
  12. Heel Triple H is awesome and better on the mic than Randy Orton so no problem there. Besides, Triple H is the main enemy here, not Orton. It's no different than Austin/Vince from 1998 & 1999, where Vince was the main nemesis and everyone else (Dude Love/Mankind, Undertaker/Kane, The Rock, etc.) were just people Austin had to go through in order to retain or regain the world title that Vince so desperately wanted to pry and keep from Austin's hands at all cost. Likewise, Orton is the guy Bryan has to pry the title away from, but this is the feud that is happening right away. It's already booked for Night Of Champions, and that probably won't be their last match. Bryan/HHH, on the other hand, is the big match that is being built up for later on, probably Wrestlemania XXX. Bryan defeating "The Game" will be a bigger moment than defeating Orton, title or not.

    I personally think HHH should only use King Of Kings as his theme from now on when he wrestles.
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  13. Honestly, I'm not too sure how I feel about this. On one hand the possibility of Daniel Bryan over coming the odds of Orton, Triple H, and the McMahon family could be huge. On the other hand, there is always the chance that Triple H goes over Bryan in a match, much like he did Punk, and there is no rematch. The promo was also horrible, but Triple H has never been good on the mic. With Triple H in the background, playing an evil GM type role, and Vince McMahon cutting promos, along with Orton, I can see this working. Right now I'm in the wait and see mode.
  14. Nah, it doesn't bother me, and it didn't before. I'm a mark for the guy obv, but now that he cuts promos while making some of those inside IWC jokes (I buried so and so) it's even better.
  15. I just realized Triple H crushed the Stone Crusher's happiness :sad:

  16. [​IMG]

    Nah but seriously, I don't mind Triple just being there in the new corporation or whatever it is, as long as he doesn't take the spotlight away from Orton.

  17. I'm not sureah.. why it is so funnahh..... to make fun of HHH talkinga likea thisahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But it isssssaaaaaaaaaaaa


  18. The only thing about this I worry about is that HHH/Bryan will eventually be the match. I actually see it being for the WWE Championship, with Bryan having vanquished Orton, Ryback, ADR, I don't know who, just a series of "corporate heel challengers", I can see HHH challenging Bryan for the WWE Title using the justification of "If you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself". Then, we get Bryan vs. HHH at Mania, with Bryan defeating HHH...before being blindsided by John Cena, who finally turns full-on heel (it would be a natural move if Bryan stays over, as Cena himself has even talked about his character being stale and needing to change), leading to the storyline of the summer and a feud between Cena and Bryan that culminates in a match of some sort at SummerSlam 2014.

    Okay, I've really got to rein in this whole dream booking thing.

  19. Bryan/HHH at Mania makes sense but I don't think they'll combine the power struggle between Vince/HHH and the WWE Title into one match. Either Vince will come to his senses and choose Bryan as the guy to represent him against HHH or Bryan will be involved in the title picture while someone else (most likely Cena) wrestles HHH. In that case, Bryan/HHH will have had happened by then in some type of grudge match.

    Speaking of Cena, I've always said that one way to turn him heel in a way that feels logical is to have another guy replace him as the top baby face. The reasoning here would be that Cena has taken time off to heal an elbow injury, and when he returns, he finds that someone has effectively replaced him as the #1 hero to the kids and the face of the company, and it's the very guy he lost the WWE Championship to before he left.

    Daniel Bryan is the exact kind of hero to the kids (and people in general) that Cena has always been but more. While he gets the mega huge crowd reactions that Cena has gotten before, he doesn't get a large quantity of boos from others on top of it. Would this not believably eat away at Cena? He knows he obviously can't change the mind of those who hate him but now the people who cheer him have found they love Bryan more as well. And if anything, Bryan is more of a role model because of his unconventional looks and size and stature. Someone of his physical makeover overcoming every obstacle and becoming as successful and beloved as he is is pretty inspirational, I'd say. I also like that it would be a slow burn and not an immediate thing, as Cena would have all this time sitting at home and a little time since coming back to watch as Bryan takes his spot.

    Of course, I don't see any of this happening and I'm not gonna cross my fingers that it does or anything, just saying/agreeing it makes sense on paper.
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  20. While I liked your whole post, this was probably my favorite part of it.

    Too many pro wrestling fans have come to expect nothing but swerves and quick turns and, while these can be very effective, they have to be explained or else they don't make sense. Witness the Orton/HHH turn. All we actually knew leaving SummerSlam is that HHH had taken out Bryan for Orton and Orton had cashed in his MITB contract. It was the next night before it was explained that HHH had "come to his senses on the business decision of backing Orton over Bryan as Champion". This was a good turn and one that WWE planned and is sticking with. Its writing, planning, and execution were all amazing and it's been enjoyable, but too often we've seen these swerves be walked back. And, in those cases, a turn can be reversed, leaving a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths as it comes across as an excuse or "just to screw a guy".

    The slow burn/slow turn of John Cena, if it were based off of the qualities you're talking about, would be hugely effective. It would even make sense from a story standpoint for Cena to turn his back on the fans who had supported him (even while other fans told him he sucked) because they had spurned him in favor of Bryan. Not to mention the fact that it would give Cena's character depth and development, two things that are essential to good storytelling.

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