With Kane being "injured"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Does WWE put Wyatt in the MITB match? If so, is there any way of protecting him at all if he doesn't win?
  2. I think that is the right move, and if he is entered in the match, that makes him the favorite. I don't really know how he'd be protected in a loss.
  3. The MITB match sounds like one of the easier matches to protect him in, considering the amount of people involved and the stipulation. Slam him through the barricade, have some faces cling to his legs hindering him from climbing the ladder as the winner gets the case and so forth.
  4. Really don't see why put the guy in the match if he's going to lose. So if he's put in there logic dictates he should win.
  5. I would rather he just come to the ring with his goons and cut a creepy promo. Their entrance is still novel enough at this point that just that will entertain most. The promo is a bonus, and he doesn't need a match yet.
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  6. No. Just leave it a six man match, there's zero reason to put Wyatt in there. I don't see why taking someone out who is in a big time match would qualify the attacker to take his place. It's not like there's a rule that states that there has to be exactly seven people in the MITB match or whatever. They've differentiated over the years how many people end up in these. Plus, it kills the All-Baby Faces gimmick of the match.
  7. This sounds horrible. Wyatt needs that aura around him for this to work; going in this match and losing is just too bad. Even winning it is bad. Being in it at all would suck.
  8. Yeah the ideal is to keep him out of it. I like Dolph's suggestion of just letting him cut a promo, tease what is to come.
  9. Wait until Raw to cut another promo. The PPV is already stacked enough as it is, especially given their bullshit move of moving the tag title match to the pre-show.
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  11. if there gunna enter a 7th person they should have a battle royale on the pre show then move the shields match to the main show
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