With new WWE Network could WWE go back to TV14?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. With WWE Network now coming out do you thing that WWE maybe go back to WWETV14? That already said that the Network is going to have show with content of PG,TV14, and even MA. And Parents can block content that don't think is good for there kids. So with this can there be WWETV14 in the future? ​

  2. What would the WWE Network have to do with the regular TV rating? It's a program you have to pay for that contains content from when WWE was TV-14. You don't have to pay for regular content.
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  3. dude raw is on usa. and smackdown is on sifi.
  4. no, expect a lot of stuff from former AE stuff and before to be censored and edited to all hell.
  5. Why would it be now? The issue with World Wildlife is sorted and in the ad it does say unscensored and uncut. Only issues I forsee is the Gorilla Monsoon commentary. But wont everything else be sweet? If you can parental lock stuff then we can watch ECW in all its bloody glory whilst our kids cant! As how the hell they gonna edit stuff like that?
  6. I didnt know it was uncensored and uncut.
  7. I'm sure it said that hmmmm maybe I imagined it in excitement.

    Rewatched it think I did imagine it. DAMN!

    But still not sure why they would cut things if you can parental lock it.
  8. no it probably did, i didnt watch the announcement and muted the bullshit when they promoted it during RAW.
  9. They won't be going back to TV-14 because there's no reason for them to do so.

  10. Why would they do that? there`s absolutely no reason
  11. It wouldn't really change anything the viewership at this point, since it went to PG it still has it's fans.
    Also I was under the impression that no one really wanted to do anymore blood stunts like before.
  12. They'll go back to TV-14 eventually (nothing stays the same forever) but it likely won't be within the next few years since they have a contract with Mattel that more or less demands that they remain a kid-friendly program. To be honest, the only way I see them going back is if a situation occurs similar to the mid/late-90's where they realize a much edgier program (not necessarily a trashier one like much of the AE was) that can only really happen under the TV-14 rating is what the people want. I think it just benefits them to remain PG most of the time though, as they can put on a mostly good program (minus a few things like blood and overly sexual content) while not pissing off other organizations like GLAAD.
  13. There is a parent's option to block stuff so I believe all the Attitude era stuff will be the same.
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  14. Didn't WWE specifically state in their FAQ that all content on the Network will be uncut and unedited? The Attitude Era will be untouched and remain just as it once was in all it's (trashy) glory.
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  15. Sure did!
  16. I'm paying 10 bucks to see HBK's ass in HD. It better not be edited.

    I would like WWE to eventually go back to TV-14. If it does, the WWE Network will have nothing to do with it.
  17. Not just me who heard this!

    Anyone know if there is any hidden charges?
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