With Punk on vacation

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Who do you see stepping up to fill the void?

    I know we have Trips vs Brock until Extreme Rules and Taker might stick around part time but usually when someone gets injured another guy on the upper mid card/mid card tends to step up and fill the hole that was left. Last time we got Ryback when Cena got hurt.

    Who do you see stepping up to fill the 6ft2 hole in the WWE?
  2. :bitw:
  3. Cesaro will carry the midcard with Christian?Morrison? or another star coming back.
    Ziggler will have the title run.
    Henry will destroy Sheamus.
    Orton will turn heel and Ryback will be the top heel of the company. And then Punk will come back as a tweener or face
  4. Is it so implausible to suggest that Triple H is stepping back up full-time for a short amount of time (not sure if that came out right) until Punk comes back? Not that he's needed, but his saying "the asskicker is back" makes me think he'll be hanging around on TV for longer than we expected.

    Otherwise, I would expect Dolph Ziggler to help carry the show given he's World Heavyweight Champion now. That technically puts him just one notch below Cena on the totem pole.
  5. Punk will do what he want on vation and then come back before SummerSlam!
  6. I can see it being Orton even tho I find him boring as hell.
  7. damnit. I was about to ask this same question lol. Most likely will be Daniel Bryan? I can see that happening. Another guess is Orton finally turns heel.
  8. No way Punk is 6 foot 2 inches tall lmao. Kayfabe height ftw. He is maybe 6' if he puts on his Daddy's work boots.
  9. Yeah you cannot really believe the billed heights from wiki but it was what I was going for. But yeah Punk is nowhere near 6ft2. I'm 6ft1 and I think Punk looks shorter than I am whenever I see him on TV or in media.
  10. I'll never forget Punk looking up to Rock like a kid looking up to Shaq and saying the dumbest thing I've ever heard

    "You're arms are just to short to box with god"
  11. Did he really say that?
  13. Ziggler and DB would be good choices.
  14. "Fight me bro. I have a white belt in Jiu Jitsu. That's right! I showed up for the first day of Jiu Jitsu class!"
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  15. Henry, Ryback, and Big Show will dominate the ME scene.
  16. Hahha. I remember making the George face when I saw that. :george:

    It reminded me of that "scared straight" show.
    Punk being the punk kid who gets in trouble for smoking weed and ditching school, and Rock being the guy who's been in prison for 15 years.
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  17. Ziggler defo.
    Fandango will no doubt get given time to shine now as he already is.
    DB and Kane as they may put some tag matches in there to cover time. (On this did anyone notice that RAW match was virtually identical to the SD match?)
    Cesaro will start owning the midcard.
  18. Hilarious.

    Never seen Scared Straight but it reminds me of the bootcamp eps of Maury hahahaha. Some kid is like whateva whateva I'ma badass (Punk) than a badass drill sgt shows up (Rock). The kid starts off talking shit, then we get a drill camp montage, then the kid returns more humbled than if they had been in a 7 year camel clutch from Sheiky baby. A true timeless classic.
  19. I like the ideas but I don't personally think Rybak'll be at the top of the company tbh. I think people prefer a Cena/Punk than a Ryback/Punk
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