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  1. Do you think they'll continue his Tag Team with Sin Cara? Or will he stay a single competitor?
  2. Personally I'd like to see Rey partnering with someone-else or stay independent, really don't want to see him with Sin Cara anymore maybe a Wrestlemania retirement match against Sin Cara in April.
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  3. I think he'll stay as a singles competitor, Sin Cara hasn't been around for quite a while. Although it'd be wise to put him in a tag team so he doesn't hurt himself.
  4. I'm thinking they pair sin cara and rey again. The tag division is hot right now, and they'd get a decent pop.

    Also, you can have one turn on the other in a few months setting up a match at WM30.
  5. He won't be around long before he pulls or tears something again.
  6. Rey should save himself for when they bring up Kalisto. The man who deserves to have the masked Mexican torch passed to him. Wasting time on Sin Cara benefits no one. It'll be an injury on a pole match. Sin Cara breaks a nail and can't continue and Rey blows out both ACLs.
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  7. Sin Cara was like the Hogan of Mexican wrestling, wasn't he? I can't blame WWE for giving him a try, but he just hasn't panned out for a number of reasons, some of which should have been obvious before they ever signed him herp derp no hablo Englishe
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  8. In all honesty we don't know yet if Kalisto's the real deal either.

    Best to use him in a tag team to put over a young star, but as Senhor said pushing Sin Cara is a waste of time. They won't use him in the Authority angle so it's much better to use him in a tag role then have him be another go-nowhere midcarder or feud with ADR again... Hey, why not a Del Rio/Rey tag team? It doesn't make sense, but using Rey to convince the fans that Del Rio changed his wa........they won't do something like that so no reason to bring it up. So yay tag teams!
  9. All he should do is feud with Hunico to put him over. Hunico is dope as fuck in ring, with a shit gimmick, and didn't he essentially play the mirror Sin Cara in Mexico?

    The dude is awesome, and WWE is full of shit making him job week in and week out. Camacho isn't that great, why should Hunico have to job while he waits for the bigger Mexican to become WWE ready? Sin Cara botches his dick off and has only had a couple of decent matches with people he speaks the same language as, and i haven't given ONE fuck about Rey since i was 13 and spent my lawn mowing money on WM2000 for the n64. Look at Rey in ring with most people, and honestly tell me he has a chance. I just dont buy the bs anymore.
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  10. Aids: #1 Hunico mark
  11. If so, i'd rock it with pride. You see his cribs youtube vid, with all the dank masks?

    Also, his finisher? So damn awesome.
  12. Great call, but they love making Hunico eat tadpole splashes and job in handicap matches. He's clearly pissed off someone backstage.
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  13. Yeah, he was born in Mexico.

    Ahh ill edit to make it more clear. He can look like a stereotype. If he rocked the mask i bet he would have 1000x better of a chance, and let's be honest, ADR looks as white as he does mexican at first glance.
  14. So he's getting buried for the same reasons ADR's getting pushed? How wonderful. Hunico deserves better, just saw him tear it up with the Matadores on Superstars and would love to know why that match wasn't on my TV. (Then again, Superstars matches are always pointless so it's hard to not care like you would on Raw). People thought his mic work was really bad, did you think so? Thought this lil' dude yelling shit from the back of that bike was pure badassery.
  15. I thought he did well for having one of the most racist stereotypes on tv in quite a while.

    Also i edited my post, and i think it's easy to see the white in ADR and the class gimmick he rocks makes sense. I'm just stating they shit on Hunico and Camacho pretty poorly, and it's not that WWE isn't full of stereotype gimmicks, just the fact it will hold individuals back. The dude is amazing in ring, especially compared to his mexican counterparts, even ADR, and ADR couldn't buy a boo, let alone a fucking cheer, and i like the guy.
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  16. Rey for the IC title would be ok with me
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