Spoiler With the new champion, does much change?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. How does the title scene change now Bryan has won it? I assume the first month or two of feuds is going to be HHH trying to get it back. What happens afterwards? How long will his reign be? Let's discuss it.
  2. I see it going one of 3 ways to be honest.... #1.. HHH continuously harasses Bryan, constantly throwing title defenses at him and Bryan constantly retains the title anyway, week after week after week. #2... Vince comes out tonight and orders HHH to back off of Bryan because he won it fair and square despite HHH trying to interfere... have Vince threaten to "fire" HHH if he carries it any farther.. #3... He loses the title at the next PPV and just hangs around the title picture for another 6-8 months before heading to the obscurity of the mid card.

    There are lots of other routes... but in my opinion those are 3 of the best ways to go... as I said and I will repeat, In My Opinion.
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  3. Bryan and Hunter should have a rematch after their MOTN. A hardcore stipulation like 30 minute Iron Man match would be added.

    Alternatively, they could just choose Orton, who has his rematch clause and didn't tap out. This will probably happen if Hunter/Stephanie are going to take time off our screens now, as many people want.
  4. I believe He'll have it till SummerSlam then drop it to Brock who'll hold it till WM.
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  5. I'm sure Orton will get his rematch at ER. I'd enjoy another match against Hunter for the belt, and I find it possible that Lesnar could win the strap later on. But as of right now it'll be the fallout of the authority storyline, unless a big swerve comes later tonight.
  6. Orton rematch, then HHH might try and get someone to act on his behalf to win the belt back or most likely he will will step back in the ring to try and get it. I say Bryan holds it till Summerslam. Brock most likely candidate to end his reign.
  7. I imagine Bryan will probably hold it till Summerslam. Batista's gone from the picture especially with his movie being out in the Summer and him promoting it. I'm hoping for Brock to be back in the main event scene, but it's a shot in the dark. More logistically, I see Cesaro possibly stepping up to be the number one contender after ER.
  8. Most of this seems downhill, its great though Bryan is now the champ but idk how long this one is gonna last.
  9. I could see Bryan's championship reign going a number of different ways. I think he'll lose it at Summerslam at the earliest and Survivor Series at the latest. I would prefer if he got a long reign, ala Bret Hart from '94 and Shawn Michaels from '96, both of whom held the championship from Wrestlemania to Survivor Series in those years. And they could easily stretch his championship reign out that long because Bryan doesn't exactly have a short list of opponents with whom he could square off with - Triple H (who he's obviously fighting at Extreme Rules), Randy Orton (he has a rematch clause in his contract, although the last thing I want to see is another Bryan/Orton match), Batista, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, and, of course, Brock Lesnar. Here's one way Bryan's championship reign could go:

    Extreme Rules - Triple H
    Payback - Randy Orton
    Money In The Bank & Battleground - Batista
    Summerslam - John Cena in a rematch from last year
    Night Of Champions & Hell In A Cell - Bray Wyatt
    Survivor Series - Brock Lesnar
  10. only thing changing is the channel when DB comes out
  11. DB, Big E, Dean, Paige, Usos.. Weird list of current champions..
  12. New era of younger talents. Hopefully, Dean becomes a good champion again. He's boring.
  13. The US title means completely nothing at this point, I'm not even sure if a new champion would put any meaning into it. The IC title is barely staying relevant due to poor booking, the US title is just dead.
  14. WHC means nothing as well. It means something now but when they have been split apart, the WHC will be back to its piece of shit level.
  15. As of right now it means something considered it's merged. Afterwards, if they do something right with the belt and give it to someone like Cesaro, there could be more hope for it.
  16. Cena had it and it still meant nothing. I'm not a Cena fan btw. But I do agree, Cesaro should have it and let Daniel Bryan keep the WWE title.
  17. OK, Cena having the belt did absolutely nothing to it because there was no point in giving it to someone like Cena, who already had the bigger belt earlier in the year.
  18. If Bork Laser ends Daniel Bryan's reign, I'll be so annoyed. That part-timer destroys a legendary streak for doing nothing but sitting on his arse. I'd prefer Cesaro to end Daniel Bryan's reign since Cesaro has earned/deserved it. If anyone really has to end it, WWE need to make sure that it's been ended by a younger talent because there is no need to see Cena, Orton and Batista etc as champion again since they're old news, IMHO.
  19. Having the titles together is boring though unless they make new titles which are to die for. I mean this year we got one elimination chamber match when we could have gotten two but the titles were together and that Elimination Chamber match sucked. At Money in the Bank, we'll get one ladder match for the WWEWHC which will suck ass. Last year at MITB, the WHC ladder match was better then the WWE Title ladder match.
  20. Liar
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