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  1. Is there a chance we get to see HHH become WWE champ at WM? Just think, if HHH has to steal one from Daniel Bryan, it would give Bryan the chance to go over Orton clean to claim #1 contender, leading to a 1v1 match at ER pitting HHH vs DB for the WWE World Champ.

    The reason I say this, is because from the other things I have been seen being possibilities and probabilities (Shield waiting to break up, no Rhodes fallout yet, etc) it appears to be a real decent possibility that SummerSlam will be a much, much bigger and better event for WWE than WM is. Cena is going to lose to Wyatt (assuming) and could use a couple months off before returning for a match with Wyatt at SS for the rematch, the Shield will be sticking it out after (clearly) winning over kane and the NAO at WM, alongside the Real American fallout and the Rhodes deal. Summerslam will be great all in all, but after Bork loses to Taker, we could get another Laser vs HHH match at SS. I know I ramble on, hopefully this is somewhat understandable. The main point is obvious, will we see the Authority angle extended with HHH being super heel, NAO and Kane begging to find ways to get back in his favor (cheating the shield out before an ER match) and leading up to an amazing Summerslam.

    The main reason I think this is simple. HHH wins, he beats orton on Raw the next night or the RAW after, leading to a go home Orton vs DB for #1 contender at ER. Batista, who cares, and I dont have a clue about what the plans are for Big Show but whoever wins that Andre rumble will be moving forward for it. I also do think the Miz, DZ and Ryder deal will need to face a team falling out like Shield to build up some bit of credibility before it all moves forward. Hit me up with some corrections or Klock me, whatever is clever.

  2. I don't think there's really any chance for it. If there is, he wont be Champ long and will probably lose it the same night, maybe a returning Vince as a face with Bryan winning the title from him after Vince makes a match.
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  3. The reason i say ER, is it gives HHH a chance to go over Orton, DB gets a clean win (ending their deal) but I could be wrong.

    EDIT: Oh, and HHH going over Orton and Batista would still end the show with a huge pop, the yes chants would end real quickly.
  4. I don't feel like giving a whole explanation at the moment. I'll just give a solid no.
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  5. I'm putting my post in spoiler tags so that the text will be smaller and thus it won't come off as as long of a post. But let me just say that going by pure, unadulterated logic, Daniel Bryan is walking out of Wrestlemania as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I don't even see an argument otherwise.

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    This entire Wrestlemania has essentially been built around Daniel Bryan. What reason is there NOT to deliver on the payoff that everyone wants to see? Wrestlemania is supposed to be the climax of the story, not just another cliffhanger, so using this event as another chance to screw Bryan out of the title is pretty redundant. Daniel Bryan has been screwed four times already (technically five if you count Battleground) and it's gotten to the point where the crowds are hijacking shows and booing the hell out of guys whom they otherwise might not have any issue with (Batista, etc.) just because they want to see Bryan become champion. Why screw him again? Just so he can get his big victory at a lesser PPV like Extreme Rules? "Man, Bryan got screwed by HHH at Mania and Hunter took his spot in the championship match and WON, but no matter, I'll be looking forward to Extreme Rules. Maybe Bryan will finally get it done on his 18th try."

    It's the big 30th Wrestlemania... a landmark, anniversary date that only comes along every ten years. They're gonna want a huge, lasting moment to occur at the end that will be replayed over and over in their video packages and promos in the future. Wrestlemania 10 had Bret Hart reclaiming the championship one year after being screwed out of it exactly one year before, and the ring being filled with wrestlers coming out to celebrate his victory. Wrestlemania 20 had Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero hugging in celebration of having finally made it to the top of the mountain together after years of being held down and being told that they weren't big enough to make it. And there's plenty of other historical moments at the non-anniversary Mania shows as well (Hogan defeating Andre, Savage becoming champion, Ultimate Warrior defeating Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels' "boyhood dream coming true", etc... I obviously don't want to run through all of them.) What do you think has the best chance of becoming of those type of those moments this year? Daniel Bryan capturing the gold again at long last and an entire stadium of people chanting "YES!" in response (cue the commentary saying anything can happen in WWE and that Bryan's dreams have come true, blah blah blah), or a heel - let alone HHH himself - winning the match via a screw job and thus deflating a pumped and fired-up crowd? (That's a rhetorical question, btw.)

    The stip that Triple H will compete in the championship match if he goes over Bryan was only put in to add a bit of intrigue to the whole scenario, and considering some marks are already pondering even the slightest chance that Hunter might win the title, it's worked, apparently. A huge reason Bryan is being put into the championship match is so that the title match wouldn't be shit on by the live crowd. Pondering that Bryan will lose is bad enough, but Bryan not even being in the match at all?

    Last but not least, Hulk Hogan is the Guest Host. They're obviously gonna want a fan favorite to triumph here and Hogan to share a moment with him in the ring at the end. And please don't bring up The Rock at WM27 because that was done to build towards Rock/Cena for the following year.

    Oh, and HHH/Lesnar is most certainly not happening later this year.
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  6. When HHH possibly put himself in the triple threat all I was thinking was that that would be a better threesome as it were but once you get over the excitement I just can't see Bryan not leaving Mania with the title. It's been too long and it's pissed off to many fans. Mania's the perfect place for it.
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