Without Ambrose what will Rollins do at NoC?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Just Kevin, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Well, with the Ambrose/Rollins feud put on hiatus due to an acting obligation on the part of Ambrose..

    what do you guys think Rollins will be up to during Night of Champions?

    Personally, I think he is just going to be seen watching the title match from backstage holding the MITB briefcase and teasing a cash-in that won't take place.. I don't see him being in a match at all.
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  2. Get the night off.
    He isn't a champion. All the championships should be defended that night and that leaves Rollins watching the Cena/Lesnar match.
    It isn't as if there isn't room for a filler match for him, but he's a heel, and his role is better utilized in the WWE championship match.
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  3. Well, hopefully, he'll cash in and become the new WWE-WHC
  4. Seth Rollins cashing in is Plan B. Should Cena happen to pull out the victory of a lifetime over Brock Lesnar for the title, Triple H wants Rollins standing by completely fresh (as in not weathered or battered in any way from wrestling a match earlier in the night) and ready to take the strap off of Cena.

    Even though The Authority have NO reason to even contemplate needing a Plan B at the moment after witnessing Brock Lesnar's dominance and victories in his previous two matches, Triple H knows well enough that John Cena can conquer almost any insurmountable odds that you place in front of him and just wants to be completely sure that in the minuscule chance that Cena wins, he still won't be leaving with the championship (or Rollins just lays out this whole plan himself to HHH, especially since he realizes that now would be the perfect time to cash in seeing as how Ambrose won't be there to fuck it up for him... or so he thinks.)

    Of course, there's always the issue of Lesnar being granted his contracted rematch, but they can conveniently ignore that for the purposes of this plot point (as they often do.)
  5. Pretty sure Ambrose will be back for the match at NOC. But I've also heard a rumor going around that DZ will feud with Rollins over the IC belt.
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  6. For continuity purposes (and because I personally still don't buy it) Rollins should lay out the master plan himself to become champ that night.
  7. Reigns replaced/is replacing Ambrose at the house events, but since Orton/Reigns are involved in a program I would say he's most likely going to be a distracting factor allowing Orton to get the dirty win.. and then proceed to monitor the title match with the case close to him and play the waiting game to see if Lesnar is in bad enough shape to cash in on him.
  8. I know this's already been discussed before... But, if Cena fails to win, again, then it'd be cool to draw even more heat for the Authority, by Lesnar just laying down for Rollins...
  9. If Lesnar walks out with the championship, then I have little doubt this will happen the next night on Raw.
  10. Why. That would take all of the rub that would be given to whoever pins Lesnar cleanly (case scenario where he loses dirty would still give a rub, not as big) away and make absolutely no sense.
  11. Kane is still lurking around too, I wonder if he may try and "weaken" Lesnar even further for Rollins should Cena fail to do damage and win.
  12. No it wouldn't because Rollins isn't actually beating Brock Lesnar in a competitive match.
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  13. Am I missing something? Why would Kane weaken Lesnar?
  14. At this point, anything can happen. Looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

    WWE's been known for its 'logic', so that thing happening wouldn't really shock me. It wouldn't really upset me, either, to be completely honest with ya. Plus, Brock would just lay down for Seth, it's not like they'd be wrestling or anything... And it'd draw more heat for the Authority.
  15. Think he's misplaced the spots of Cena and Lesnar in that sentence...
  16. So give him little to no rub and make Lesnar look like a bitch. Nice booking.
  17. Even if Cena and Lesnar's names were switched I fail to see how Lesnar couldn't do damage
  18. He's saying Lesnar is a heel and has done what he came to do.
    Similarly to last year when he 'quit' WWE after defeating HHH.
  19. Umm, don't forget that Lesnar does this for money, he's a mercenery... So, him laying down for Seth, plus getting even more paid to do so, would get more heat for the suits... This isn't totally senseless.
  20. Fair enough, but in terms of booking, wouldn't Rollins vs Lesnar be the whole David Goliath battle that they wanted to see with Bryan vs Lesnar?
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