Without electricity, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Xanth asked me this in Skype the other day, and it was hard to answer.

    Say all electricity was cut off instantly, what are the first things that you do? How do you cope?
  2. Don't even think I need to bother stating what I'd do.
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  3. Is it a temporary thing or permanent?

    Food and water would be a priority I guess. I'd dig a food cellar, keeps food cold and fresh for long periods of time, salt some meat so it lasts for ages. Hook myself up with some candles or something like that.
  4. DON'T GO OUTSIDE. People are going to turn crazy so you must find safety inside. Lock all doors and don't answer anything. Having a weapon ready wouldn't hurt either.
  5. Go on my cell phone when it's fully charged.
  6. I'll be completely honest. I'd be lost. Probably end up murdering people for supplies fairly quickly.
  7. It's no electricity, not a zombie apocalypse. :dafuq:
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  8. No electricity=Darkness=:ksi:
  9. You don't know. Say it's been off for days, and could be permanent.
  10. Sit there strumming my guitar until I die. I have shit social skills, so I'm not going anywhere. Maybe I'll be like one of those old ass wise guys with a long beard, who everybody is afraid to talk to until one kid builds up courage and breaks in, and he sits down and I teach him about Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, Tupac, and other good music.... :yay:
  11. Or just ask the Rock to come. The Dude is electrifying
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  12. I'd probably hike, go to beaches and all that stuff I use to do. I love nature and I definitely could do without electricity for awhile. Camping sounds absolutely terrific. Beach parties. Bonfires. I love it all.
  13. Solar Power time.
  14. I'd read a book or two and sleep a lot.
  15. Better to be safe than sorry :pity:
  16. [​IMG]

    I'd probably eat my brother. Not for food he's just annoying as fuck.
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  17. I highly doubt most of the population would go crazy like that at all. What excuse would people have just because electricity is gone to go and rob people and break into houses? People still have money and food. Those two things are still obtainable without electricity....
  18. I think stocking up would have to be a priority. It's more or less guaranteed to quickly escalate into a dog-eat-dog world, and all laws become void. I'd find a way to stack up on food - food that lasts a long time - and then get myself protection.
  19. And I am where I am right now? I'd be fine. I'm out in a small countryside town, big lake with lots of fish passing through, lots of cattle, lots of farms growing vegetables and lots of game in the forest plus everyone knows how to hunt. Heating would be the biggest issue I think but that's manageable.

    Had I been in a big city it would have been a completely different ball game.
  20. Liked for Bear "THE GOAT" Grylls.
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