News Witness Explains Full Story on the Paige & Alberto Del Rio Airport Incident

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. The witness who saw the altercation between Paige and Alberto Del Rio recent spoke to regarding the situation. Here are a few notes from what actually transpired:

    – The witness admits to discreetly attempting to take pictures of Paige as she walked and talked on the phone until she was noticed. Paige walked back into the restaurant and one of the four people at her table walked out, presumably to see if she was still there.

    – Paige came storming back out of the restaurant “crying and yelling.” Del Rio, visibly “soaked” in liquid, chased after her as she fled onto the nearby tram system. Page told Del Rio, ‘You’re such an abusive husband, I hate you. You’ve ruined my life, you’ve ruined my career’” Del Rio and Paige continued their argument for a short while on the tram car as Del Rio said, “Check her bag, she’s got all the coke in it, it’s all hers.” This is when the witness started recording the audio.

    – “Let’s do it, get the cops,” Del Rio can be heard saying in the video. Paige responds by saying, “Just stay out of my life, leave me the f**k alone, I’m trying to get away from you.” This is when Del Rio started claiming that Paige assaulted him.

    – The witness believed the argument between the pair started because Del Rio said inflammatory comments about one of Paige’s family members.

    “From what I gather, he said something like, ‘I hope your f***ing uncle dies tomorrow, and grabs her wrist because he was mad she was on the phone for so long,” said the witness. “They wanted to leave, so he got mad and grabbed her wrist. She got upset and threw water on him and she ran out.”

    After the audio stopped recording, the witness said that she stayed along with Paige and asked if she needs any assistance.

    “I just wanted to help at that point,” she said, noting that an airport security guard with a K-9 stopped Del Rio “because they could smell the alcohol.”

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  2. Disgusting
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  3. He said that to her face over her being on the phone too long? What scum. I really hope she sees sense soon. It is only more down hill with him.
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  4. She can "see sense" all she wants but as I explained in the bigger thread about these two it ain't that simple. The abuser in a toxic relationship puts himself in a position of power over the victim. Even if they want to leave they cannot because they feel a need to stay with the perpetrator.

    It sadly is not as simple as saying "fuck this I am out of here". She needs help
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  5. My mother's first marriage was with someone who used to rape and beat her. I understand the situation more than you think. She didn't get help either, she woke up one day, took my half brother, and left. I know 3 other women personally who had to do the same thing. Unless he is threatening to kill her, she does need to see sense. People in this position don't think to get help.
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  6. All people do not react in the same way to situations like this. Especially younger women getting together with older men.

    I have friends who work in the field so I'm not completely shooting from the hip here. You might know a few women who are stronger than most people who end up in situations like this but it most certainly isn't the norm. Just like how most addicts just cannot quit a drug addiction cold turkey.

    Paige obviously needs help and to say that she needs to "see sense" is just not enough.
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  7. Seems as though Being Famous or being a celebrity or anything of the such, *WWE..MOVIES...ETC..* Some form or another they are always in an argument or sueing one another. Doesnt matter who the "Famous" Person is. I dnt want any part in being THAT well known. Cant two ppl EVER get along anymore? :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Well, one of the other women I know was with a man who was in his 30's. She was only 17. They had a kid together as well, married and all. Do the math on that. Like I said, regardless of what I think or see or what you think or see, most women in this position do not think to get help. They just wake up and realize it has to end. Women are stronger than you think, when they choose to be. When she gets fed up, she has an easy route to safety in another country. The women I know didn't. She isn't weaker than they are, she is still stuck in the mindset of it "getting better". Comparing a drug addict to woman in a relationship with a man is an insult to women. We aren't addicted to men, we choose to be with them good or bad. We can also choose to leave them. Addictions become hardwired into the body and brain. Emotions can change at the flip of a hat. She likely does feel helpless I will give you that, because most women in this situation do. I would know.
  9. 1. Most women, or any person in a abusive relationship don't just wake up and get out of it. That's a extremely naive way to look at it. That's not how it works and facts and numbers prove that. More than half of abuse victims need massive help efforts to get out of abusive relationships and back to living a fulfilling and healthy life. And that's in Sweden. A country with a social security network far better built than America.

    2. I never once likened a woman being in a relationship with a man to a drug addict. I compared a abusive relationship and how a abuser gets into the head of a victim to how a drug grabs hold of a addict. I worked with drug prevention in youth for 3 and a half years and know what the fuck I am talking about in that regard and I have friends who work with women's support groups and it tends to work in similar ways. A abuser puts themselves in a position of power over the victim and instills in the victim a sense of needing the abuser through strict control over the victim both physically and mentally. In the case of ADR and Paige there is even drugs and alcohol involved so that only makes it harder for her. A abusive relationship is not just emotional because the abuser gets in the head of the victim and makes it mental through manipulation and fear. Like how a drug can play with a person's senses and mental capabilities so can a abuser because most of them are fucking sociopaths and get off on it.

    I've never once insinuated that women are weak. You're right that she probably feels helpless and with the right push she probably could get out of it on her own. But since she is a girl living in a foreign country I do think she needs that extra help to get out of it.

    Alberto is the fucker holding most of the cards here sadly.
  10. 1. I am not sure you are getting this, but I have been a victim of abuse myself so unless you are a woman undercover who has experienced this yourself, you will not understand what I am saying. I understand her far more than your facts and numbers could. Sure some women do have issues after and most struggle in normal relationships, I am not arguing that but to say I am being naive when I experienced it myself? Wow dude.

    2. Working with youths and adults are completely different in nature. She is a grown woman. To say I don't understand what women go through when I personally know myself what that hell is like is insulting. Doing cases and studies or working with victims does not ever substitute living it. You are also in another country like you said. Here in America very few women speak out for help and like I said, when they know they are in trouble is there "coming to sense" that something is not right and they get out. It is a common response in the brain when you are in danger, to run. It is just a matter of seeing the person for what they are.

    I am not arguing with you on this but I know what it is like first hand so don't insult me with statistics or numbers that never account for the millions of women out there who don't speak out. Regardless of her needing the help or not, she has to see who he is for her self to every know she needs help in the first place.
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  11. My Mom's ex Boyfriend was an abusive Drunk towards her. I hated him. I would wake up at night hearing him yell at her or I'd hear them scuffling out in the driveway and etc.... Few mins later I would get up to hear her crying. So I can understand what Solid Snake is talking about.
  12. 1. I never intended to insult you personally (or anyone for that matter). Had you said that you had yourself been a victim of it from the start I would probably not have gone as hard as I did. To me it sadly came off more as "eh, she's a grown woman, she has to deal with it" which is what set me off. And that was obviously not what you intended. On that subject matter I will respectfully bow out.

    As for the youths and adults are different thing. You'd be surprised how most of the methods and approaches for dealing with addictions in both age groups are the same.
  13. Like many other women, it is not something I like to openly discuss. I did hint at it. I don't have experience with drugs or drug addiction so I will take your word for it but when it comes to physical and mental abuse from one person to another, I do understand that.
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  14. Let us just agree that we hope she gets out of this as soon as possible then and move on
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  15. Oh for sure. Alberto is a piece of crap and needs to be locked up.
  16. Just adding my bit of input here on what you guys were talking about, lots of women do just one day reach their breaking point and decide "I can't keep going on with this anymore." You need a strong support system, be it friends, family, or hell sometimes even online friends. I've been through a lot of both physical and mental abuse in my life, as well as have experience with drug addiction. It's not wrong there are parallels between the two, but it's a different toll on the mind and can't really be compared.

    On topic though, Del Rio is a piece of shit and I hope he gets what's coming to him. My heart truly goes out to Paige, and I'm hoping she gets through all of this. Del Rio really did ruin her. But everyone can get stronger again, I never thought I would, but with the help of the right people I'm in a better state than I've ever really been in.
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