WM 28: Mike Tyson Is There, so Why Not Use Him?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by karanbest4, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. WrestleMania and WWE in general have always been fascinated with stars. Granted, Mike Tyson was a much different kind of star when he was seen shoving Stone Cold Steve Austin on a memorable edition of Raw. That doesn't mean the idea of a boxing match with Mike Tyson on WrestleMania wouldn't garner a lot of attention.

    Boxing matches in WWE have gone quite poorly in the past, dating back to the Brawl For All concept used in 1998. It's easy to see the rationale behind the contests, but as history has shown, wrestling fans don't want to see straight-forward fights. They are more interested in the glitz, glamour and storytelling. As Jim Ross would say, "more sizzle than steak."

    The last boxing name used by WWE was Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Although it was a scripted match against the Big Show, his appearances generated a lot of buzz and was very well received. Vince McMahon should learn from that appearance and the Brawl For All to realize that he has an opportunity right in front of him.

    Mike Tyson vs. anyone in a boxing match would be interesting. Who wouldn't want to see Tyson beat on some schmuck again, or at the very least see the kind of spectacle we expect to see at WrestleMania. I believe part of the reason Brawl For All didn't work is that wrestling fans want results quickly. The sizing up of the opponent and strategies used in MMA is too slow for the wrestling crowd.

    If the WWE were to book Tyson in some sort of match, whether real or scripted, it would have to be fast. They wouldn't want to lose the audience in the same way Brawl For All did. On top of that, I'm sure Tyson isn't in his best fighting shape, so something quick would be best.

    Vince is smarter with his entertainers now and understands someone like Tyson could really hurt or end one of his superstar's careers, but what about another celebrity? What celebrities are out there who would be willing to fight and need a paycheck? Jose Canseco?

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