WrestleMania WM 29 buy rates "shocking"

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. I hope they're horrible. They don't deserve big numbers putting out a product like that with such a shit build.
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  2. If true (this is Meltzer we're talking about here), I think it should not surprise anyone, you could see it miles ahead.

    Even I predicted 80% of the match outcomes and I don't even watch WWE. Plus, it's the same guys in the ME scen of WM year after year after year. People realized that.

    My humble prediction: 775k buys.
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  3. I think the 600-700k buy rate is probable. Thank God. They need to be punished for their awful booking.
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  4. Meltzer is actually quite accurate when it comes to his numbers.

    I pray this is true, it will send a message to WWE they can't just throw the same guys in the main event scene (especially boring rematches and predictable bouts otherwise) and expect everyone just to buy it just because it's Wrestlemania (though many will anyway because they need their wrestling fix.)
  5. ^ All of this.

    That's a comment I made to my friend when she asked if I was buying the PPV this year. I told her no, that I'd be watching it online but wouldn't be buying that crap. It wasn't worth the $60 or so at all. I told her I knew I was only one person, but that I still refused to support that crap monetarily and indicate that I thought it was a good or money-worthy event this year. Hope they get the message.
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  6. I'll genuinely love it if this is the case. :yes:
  7. Exactly. ^

    Hope they are bad. They will finally understand that the built does WM not bringing back names.
  8. Hope they are bad as well. The WWE did nothing to build up the interest in any of the feuds. The predictability of that PPV was beyond belief.
  9. Why would someone want to purchase predictable crap?
    Be fucking creative and have a monster card instead of "Wrestlemania 29: Redemption" which it was. Fucking rematches that no one wants to see.
  10. [​IMG]

    Balls on you man! I don't wanna come off as a smartass, but all I'll say to this is BALLS.
  11. Shocking to who? I doubt anyone with a brain who watched that shit ass build would be 'shocked' that people were smart enough to not buy that trash heap they call the grandest stage of them all.
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  12. I've never understood the overwhelming hate for Meltzer in general, but when it comes to stats, he's almost always solid. He's considered a reliable source by many even in the business for a reason.
  13. Problem is there's a lot of people out there without a brain.
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  14. This is the most truthful post ever made on wrestling boards. +1
  15. That was pretty obvious. It was the worst WrestleMania in the last 10 years. WWE got only themselves to blame for that.
  16. Is that Tip?

    And yeah, I hope they're bad as well. Fucking WWE deserves it for his horrible booking. Although I think Vince is probably to blame for most of this. :vince:
  17. Yeah, I really hope that's the case so Vince sees that horrible builds and predictable rematches no one cares about as main events don't draw.
  18. I was pretty interested in Punk/Taker (as I expected most people were). They didn't do enough is probably what you should say, to say they did nothing would mean they may as well have not broadcast at all.
  19. I bought it, but the 80 dollars they charged pissed me off. No one wants to pay 80 bucks
  20. I'm certainly not "shocked" but a part of me still expected them to get good numbers. Mates of mine who don't even like wrestling buy WM just for the sake of it. The matchcard and the buildup to it are irrelevant for them. Thankfully a lot of the regulars decided to give WWE the finger and didn't buy it.
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