WM 30 Match card do you agree?

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  1. 1: Triple H vs Damien Sandow
    2: Undertaker vs John Cena (No Holds Barred)
    3: Stone Cold vs CM Punk (No Holds Barred)
    4: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns for the WHC
    5: Daniel Bryan vs Christian vs RVD vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara Ladder match for the Light Heavyweight championship
    6: Wade Barrett vs Chris Jericho vs Sheamus for the IC title
    7: Goldberg vs Ryback
    8: Kane vs Mark Henry vs Big Show
    9: HBK vs Rock
    10: Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle for the WWE title
    This is kinda what I think should happen its in my mind at the moment but it could change I like the card set up what are your guys thoughts who do you think should win?
  2. No offense, but over half of those matches have no chance of happening.

    Realistically, I think the Wrestlemania XXX card could end up like this (and I'd be pleased if it did):

    WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan vs Triple H (either guy could hypothetically walk in as champion here, and I have an idea on how each scenario could happen, but I won't get into it here.)
    World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena vs CM Punk vs Randy Orton
    Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
    The Shield vs The Wyatt Family
    Ryback vs Goldberg or Big Show (the rumors state that Big Show will get the match if Goldberg doesn't return.)
    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust
    Intercontinental Championship: Big E Langston vs Chris Jericho
    Tag Team Championships: The Real Americans vs Usos (I could see this possibly becoming a four-way match elimination match with two other teams, though.)
    Diva's Championship: AJ vs Tamina or Trish/Lita (Tamina turning babyface and going after AJ would be nice, but to see Trish or Lita make a comeback and put over AJ would also be nice.)
    Pre-Show: Battle Royal (with pretty much everyone that didn't make it onto the main card.)

    I have a few different ideas on how the card could shape up but this one seems to me to be the most plausible at the moment. Add to this a handful of celebrity appearances by the legends, including Hulk Hogan (possible Guest Host), Steve Austin (he's returned to be a special referee a handful of times already, so he could end up officiating either world title match), Shawn Michaels (he'll play some type of role in the Bryan/HHH feud and be there at Mania, and I have just the idea on what he'll do, but too long to get into it here), Dusty Rhodes (he'll be there at ringside when the Rhodes Brothers collide) and who knows who else. Ultimate Warrior will likely be inducted into the Hall Of Fame next year, so I could see him doing some sort of special spot in the middle of the show or something (not a match, just running to the ring in his old face paint and shaking the ropes and stuff to his old theme music when they introduce all the inducted legends.)
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  3. Tell me a few things brotha. Why would Sandow and HHH be involved in a program? Light Heavyweight title? What? Your..your post lost me
  4. Well Triple H once had a similar gimmick like Sandow. Hunter was a blue blood sophisticated person while Sandow is a sophisticated intelligent person they kinda had the same gimmicks also them colliding would be great to see if you thought about it.
  5. I understand, but I just don't see how they'd end up in a program together. Unless Sandow turns face, and goes after The Authority
  6. What your saying will prolly happen although my card is basically a dream card but my dream for WM XXX tends to change.....alot, I don't think Lesnar will face Undertaker this year at Mania because his record is 2-1 at WM he wouldn't want to make it 3 losses in a row of his appearances, But it might happen and I don't think Lesnar will end the streak.
  7. It would be a amazing push for Sandow if that happened and well deserved.
  8. I think they're probably gonna job Lesnar out at every Wrestlemania appearance from here on out. The prospect of him losing three times in a row at a WM doesn't really make me think there's a chance he'll win next year because Triple H himself took three losses in a row (20, 21, 22.) Plus, there's only three opponents that I could see Lesnar facing next year - Undertaker, The Rock, CM Punk - and it doesn't make sense for him to go over any of those guys. If anything, the fact that he's won his last two matches (and possibly a third, as he is rumored to face someone at the Rumble) points towards him going into Wrestlemania strong just so it'll be a bigger deal when he loses again.

    And yeah, Lesnar definitely won't end the streak but the feud and match could/should still be awesome, even if it is completely predictable.
  9. True I agree, but if Lesnar v Taker happens it'd have to be extreme but Undertaker wouldn't be able to handle a extreme Brock Match I don't think.
  10. john cena doesnt deserve to face the deadman
    for WM30 let him stand in the crowd and sell popcorn
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