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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Nov 22, 2013.

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  1. Not sure what to read into it but noticed on a few sites and popped up on wrestlingrumours as well that Taker vs Brock is not set in stone as Taker is apparently holding out on committing after his latest surgery due to Brocks intense, physical wrestling style.

    Also its been noted VKM is very unhappy with WM 30 atm as stars he wanted such as HBK and Rock are refusing to put forward any sort of commitment.

    If true sounds grim as it needs to be a big event like WM 20 was.
  2. This is what I read a couple of weeks ago about what could transpire at Wrestlemania XXX:

    Show Spoiler
    - WWE officials are officially looking ahead in earnest to WrestleMania 30. The Wrestling Observer reports that the company is trying to secure agreements with several individuals not currently on the roster including Goldberg, Sting and Shawn Michaels. Some highlights of the rumors are below:

    * There is not expected to be a match between Triple H and Steve Austin (w/Vince McMahon) for control of the company, as had been previously rumored.

    * WWE is trying to sign Sting, whose contract with TNA expires soon, so he can face The Undertaker. If they cannot, then Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar is the planned backup.

    * WWE is also interested in getting Goldberg so he can face Ryback, who would face Big Show at the Elimination Chamber to build him up for the match. If no deal with Goldberg can be reached, then Ryback vs. Big Show would take place at WrestleMania.

    * CM Punk vs. Randy Orton is planned for the show; while there were plans for him to win the Royal Rumble for a shot at Orton and the WWE Title, the latest plans will give the Royal Rumble winner a shot at Cena and the World Title.

    * There is a lot of talk that despite his denials of returning to the ring, Shawn Michaels will face Daniel Bryan.

    * There is a plan to have Goldust turn on Cody Rhodes and the two to get the WrestleMania match both have wanted. Goldust has impressed officials with his return.
    Read more at http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/303311#74rxdzctJt8wmQ8R.99

    You can also add that Rock/Lesnar is pretty much set in stone should The Rock return, which they've probably long accepted at this point that he won't.

    Anyway, some of this stuff, namely Undertaker/Lesnar and Ryback/Big Show, should have happened this year IMO.

    The fact that the show looks like it might suffer because of the lack of huge stars refusing to appear (Austin, Rock, HBK, Goldberg) just goes to show what an over-reliance they've had on part timers these past few Wrestlemanias. Here's a few ideas they could go with to still create the biggest show possible for next year, though:

    -Talk Hulk Hogan into stepping back into the ring for one last match. The match would be horrible and it wouldn't be the best for Hogan's physical well-being, but sadly, I could see it still drawing. A match with Cena would be the ideal choice to go with here.
    -Have Cena drop the WHC and book Cena/Undertaker for this year. If Taker really is in a bad enough condition, then maybe he should just go on and retire this year. Given the big 30th anniversary milestone of the event, there isn't a better place to end the streak at (or a bigger opponent to end it against) than next year against Cena if you ask me.
    -Unify the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championships.
    -Have Goldberg challenge Cena for the WHC. That could be a way to get Goldberg onto the card because I could see him agreeing to a bout with Cena, not so much with Ryback.
    -Maybe get some big celebrity involved in an angle, like Donald Trump's angle with McMahon in 2007. Maybe even have them or another celebrity in a separate angle get into the ring in a match that will create a lot of mainstream interest. It worked out well with Mr. T, Lawrence Taylor, Floyd Mayweather, etc.
    -Austin has at least appeared as a special referee in the past so that's still a way to get him in the show, especially if he gets physically involved with one of the competitors during the build like he did with Lesnar during the Brock/Goldberg build at WMXX.
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  3. Have Cena go against Hogan. He beat The Rock, so what's next? Hogan, brother. Best4business
  4. Can't disagree with anything Lockard said, but everyone agreed at just how well Hogan's last match turned out at Bound for Glory 2011. It's just a case of if you're careful of how you use him, and WWE will do a good job squeezing every bit of good TV out of the guy they possibly can. Think the best thing they should do is hype him up but not have him appear on Raw, and just use him as a special guest Wrestlemania host. (Smartass comment: nothing says XXX like the almighty Hulkster)

    Amazing how in 2013 we can't stop talking about Hogan, but that's what wrestling is I suppose. It's such a shame that they are so reliant on the old timers but that's what Wrestlemania has become. Wrestlemania has really become the annual celebration of WWE's "tradition" since all the fans want to do anyway is relive the old days anyway. Highly doubt they have any plans for the actual roster outside of 4-5 people tops and are busy trying to bring back people from the 90's. Ahh, well. Can't wait for the night after.
  5. HBK vs Bryan is my dream match. Would love to see it and i've always thought HBK had something left in the tank.
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  6. John Cena v Undertaker - Main Event
    Daniel Bryan v Triple H - WWE Championship
    Brock Lesnar v Ryback - Lesnar defending Heyman

    That's enough "star power" without having to call on The Rock, Austin, HBK, Goldberg, Hogan, etc.
  7. After last night, obviously Cena/Orton looks likely, but I'm saying Reigns will face the streak.
  8. HBK will always have something left in the tank LOL
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  9. That would be a good match (Reigns v Taker) on paper if Roman is built up proper. And it would be a great way to finalize Shield splitting. Roman gets called out by Taker, Seth being Roman's bro is all for it and backs him up, but Dean who has already tangled with taker gets jealous and turns on his two friends during or after the match. Hell, have Dean lay out Seth during the match as a distraction, causing Roman to lose (what a way to protect both guys involved, Taker can win his match and Roman loses dirty). Seth can be "taken out via injury" and we get a Roman vs Dean feud.

    Seth can return around MITB as the babyface he works so well as.
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