WM 31 BIG Plans

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. Why would anyone want to see that?
  2. I'd love to see it.

    Well, there would be a stipulation... If HHH loses, The Authority will no longer be in power, and of course The Rock would be Vince's choice for this power struggle.
  3. Rock can stay away
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  4. Rock to goat it up.
  5. In 2015? No thanks.
  6. Meh, rather not. I think that Vince should pick either D-Bry or Cody Rhodes (probably better with the latter for a fresh match up).
  7. DBry vs HHH II wouldn't really make sense, as much as I'd like to see it, but they've already competed at WM... So, DBry should be involved in something bigger, let's say Bryan vs Lesnar for the WWE-WHC, for instance, in order for Bryan's whole 'B+ player' storyline to come full circle.

    Anyways, I'd love to see Rock vs HHH. It'd be a good match, plus Rock + HHH = MONEY
  8. D-Bry vs Lesnar if he's fit, if he's just come back and they've pushed Cesaro or Reigns too far to do it, do D-Bry vs Sting plz.

    As for Rock vs HHH, I'd want the guarantee of it delivering in terms of match quality. If so, it would be quite fun.

    If I could book WM31, I'd probably do this (once again it's me with my predictions):

    Cesaro vs Brock Lesnar - WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    Random Divas match idk
    The Rock vs Triple H
    The Ascension vs The Usos - WWE Tag Team Championship
    Daniel Bryan vs Sting
    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust
  9. I love Cesaro, but he's been buried and I just don't see him in the ME of WM31. We'll prolly see Reigns vs Lesnar, sadly.

    Tbh, I'd rather see Bryan vs Kurt Angle and Sting vs CM Punk.

    Agree on everything else, though.
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  10. Personally I wouldn't want to see Lesnar and Reigns, But the other matches I am a fan of.
  11. I wouldn't want to see Lesnar vs Reigns, as well. I don't like Reigns, but I do like Lesnar, tho. If Bryan doesn't return in time, then I'd fucking love it if they pushed Ambrose.
    Rollins is cool, but he's a heel and will likely remain one for another 8-10 months, so I don't see him in that spot just yet... Or maybe they'll let Rollins cash in on someone at WM31, who knows... Personally, I'd love a MITB cash in at Mania, 'cause it's never been done before.

    I am a fan of the other matches, too, to be honest. We'll see what happens, though. There are like 4 months till Mania. So, anything can happen...
  12. Both of them can go away
  13. First of all a lot of your plans don't account for the possibility of CM Punk returning... I wouldn't count it out just yet.
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  14. I'm not saying it's bound to happen or anything, I just said I'd love to see it, CM Punk would be the bad guy, of course! If they bring in Sting for a match and if Bryan returns by then, then why the fuck not have DBry vs Sting? Can't say I wouldn't love seeing it.
  15. The Rock vs HHH is one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history, but I have close to zero interest in watching it in 2015. If I want to watch them feud, I'll go back and watch them back when they were younger and in their prime (in fact, I did that yesterday... their ladder match at Summerslam 1998 was excellent.) So...

    No to Rock and HHH headlining a Wrestlemania in the year 2015.
    No to another McMahon family feud.
    No to a part-timer getting the rub of ending The Authority.
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