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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Mar 27, 2015.

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    A somewhat big part of Wrestlemania is seeing what Set/Stage they have designed and built for the Show of Shows. Here is some pictures that have been leaked if you will online;
    Show Spoiler

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    The First Picture shows the stage could potentially be a replica of WM 28 Stage just with the added Play Button but you never know. I would personally like to see something more glamorous but if the seats behind the stage are being used like at WM 28 well then it would make sense.
  2. Hopefully it looks more than what it looks like at the moment.. from what I've heard from bystanders during the work is that it seems like it's pretty plain but I bet they'll do something.
  3. I ain't judgin' now, gonna wait till Sunday
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  4. As long as it isn't something like WrestleMania 29 where they just glue a lot of landmarks together.
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  5. Yh maybe a landmark at 31, would be awesome to have the Golden Gate Bridge. I will agree that 29 was just a clusterfuck of Landmarks.
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