WrestleMania WM Card is STACKED

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by SpaceR, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Hell in a Cell, Trips and Taker: Don't care if it's the third time it'll still be a great match.

    Punk vs. Y2J: Need I say more?

    Cena vs. Rock: I feel that Cena will wrestle like the Cena from MITB 2011. Cena will win, passing of the torch, much like Summerslam 2002 Brock vs. Rock.
  2. It's hardly stacked imo. It's got three good matches announced a month before well four with DBD and Sheamus,
  3. And MITB (speculated)

    GM Match (speculated)
  4. There should be Jack Swagger Vs Zack Ryder. Doesn't Ryder still have a rematch clause?
  5. He hasn't has a rematch but whether the WWE remembers is another question entirely.
  6. So, I know 5 matches now for WM.. I can't wait for WM, even though it seems like a shitty one, but they're using Rock and Cena to draw in money. As if Cena was big enough.

  7. How about adding Kane to that?

    Jack Swagger vs Ryder = Decent match for the US Title

    Add Kane into that (shouldnt be hard with all the Ryder and Kane rivalry going on)

    Jack Swagger vs Kane vs Ryder = Great match + Addition excitement for Kane gimmick + Additional excitement for zack vs kane rivalry + additional excitement if kane win the title and begins the Terror US Title Era.

    Imo btw i think this is how its going to end.
    Sheamus vs Bryan would be the first match at Wrestlemania.
    Lat match will be Rock vs Cena. 2nd Last match will be Jericho vs Punk and 3rd Last match will be Taker vs HHH.

  8. Man, Cena can wrestle 10x better than he did at MitB 2011. Trust me the guy never really puts as much because he doesn't have to do much to put over somebody as a big guy and the face of the company.

    People will still cheer him even if he hits just an FU or something.
  9. Kane will probably end up fighting Zach Ryder. And I can even see Ryder picking up a win somehow (as implausible as that is.)
  10. It's just a classic story really the good gets revenge on the bad at the end, seems plausible to me.
  11. Jericho vs Punk is no way after HHH vs Taker.

  12. And why not? They cant have two feud matches one after the other to end the show. That wouldnt work. So either Rock vs Cena will b before Punk vs Jericho, or it will be HHH vs Taker.
  13. To be honest, I think Punk vs. Jericho will be one of the best matches we've ever seen. Am I the only one thinking that Punk will obviously win to get the "passing of the torch" kind of mentality out of it.
  14. I heard on SEScoops a few weeks ago that HHH/Taker is being promoted as the 2nd top match, even though it annoyed WWE that the WWE title would only be on third last, instead of second last or the main event. Just more proof that WWE doesn't give a shit about their titles.
  15. I think Punk vs. Jericho shouldn't be after neither Taker vs. HHH or Cena vs. Rock. Of course, the title should be respected (and it isn't), but with this particular card, I think the spotlight should go to Cena/Rock and Taker/HHH.
  16. I remember Ryder faced Swagge the next week.
  17. It's hilarious that anyone thinks Punk v Jericho is after HHH's match. If HHH had it his way he'd be the final match. Streak always ends mania, but not now Rock v Cena is on the card.
  18. For some reason, I think of Triple H when I see a shovel, since I first got here.

  19. @[HoldNo712Armbar] That's why we have this :emoji_grin:

  20. You got Triple H his own shovel, that's cute!
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