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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Legitimate sign of concern, or just baseball?
  2. I guess we'll find out sunday!
  3. Interesting. Really could see it being either one. Thing is with big names being on the show like Rock and Taker you would think it would bring in more viewers than usual.
  4. Still pretty good ratings, no need for "concern" lol.
  5. For the WM go home show the ratings should definitely improve regardless of competition, so it's slightly worrying perhaps. The end result will be the PPV buys and I highly doubt they'll surpass last years.
  6. One would think the go home show would have good ratings (Doesn't go home shows for the WWE in general have decent ratings?). Mania has most likely sold out anyways and there are always the die hards who buy it but it will be interesting to see if there will be any major dents in the buyrates.
  7. No cause for concern. As I recall, last year's go home show had disappointing ratings (for a go home Wrestlemania show) and Raw's ratings in general were slightly worrying considering they thought The Rock would bring it up more than just the average 3.1, especially given the one year hype for a dream match. But WM28 still ended up breaking PPV records for WWE.
  8. Baseball isn't a ratings stealer IMO. Not even playoff baseball draws that great of ratings TBH. The WS does OK, just depends on the teams and the year, really.

    I'd say slight cause for concern. This should have been the highest rated Raw of the RTWM considering all the star power and build up of just this show. Nothing that will have Vince waking up with night sweats, but I'm sure they had higher expectations than a 3.2 for the only show of the year w/ Rock, Cena, Taker, HBK, HHH, Lesnar....
  9. Expected a bit higher since they had everyone there for the show, but nothing too worry about much.
  10. Thought opening day drew? We're all sick of not having football and just having meaningless regular season NBA games, it's not hard to get excited about baseball... then all the fans who hate baseball remember that they hate it and then get excited for the NBA playoffs.
  11. Look at the match card for last year's mania and this year's. Last year's was way better. I mean some of these feuds feel half baked, well actually all the feuds involving part timers feel half baked, im not extremely excited for any of those matches. Aside from that the midcard matches are just so random this seems like any old PPV.
  12. I expected better ratings, it's the final Raw before WM and the WWE Universe should be more excited imo
  13. Still a good rating for a RAW that was only made for promos (that was their plan apparently so the stars wouldn't get injured for WM). :downer:
  14. For what it's worth, #wweisboring was trending worldwide while Raw was on. Funny that Michael Cole didn't mention that one on the show lol.

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  15. :damnn:
  16. The biggest draw for basebal, Yanks/Sox, was played at 10:00 PST. Over looooooooooong before Raw.

    What game was on Monday at the same time as Raw on ESPN? The Cardinals vs some scrub team?

    Come on man. Baseball was not stealing wrestling ratings
  17. hahahaha fucking pussies love their social media so much only when it is convenient

    SILENCE THE PEOPLE (unless they blindly sing your praise!)
  18. For a go home show the rating should definitely be higher than this, lets just wait until Sunday and see...
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