WM main events?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. God I hope that first one isn't true.
  2. I don't think I could take Cena vs Rock 2. We all know that will mean Cena Champion again # boring
  3. Rock/Cena for the belt was obvious, though didn't Rock say a week ago the main event would be the biggest ever and wasn't what we all thought it would be? And we all thought it would be a rematch between those two. I'm still holding out hope for either Rock/Brock or Rock/Cena/Brock.

    Punk/Undertaker sounds interesting. Punk walking in with his long reign would make it more interesting, but I don't like either ending there - Punk beating the streak or Taker winning the belt. I think Punk losing the belt at the Rumble but then saying he's out to make history again by beating the streak is the way to go.

    Sheamus/Orton is a pretty random match. Del Rio just won the belt and Vince put him over as a champion on Raw. The only people I see him losing the belt to are Big Show or Ziggler. I know he could lose it in the chamber match, but in that case, why even give him the belt in the first place just to lose it that quick. Ziggler/Del Rio/Sheamus in a triple threat wouldn't be so bad, if Ziggler cashed in one of them (whoever won) after the chamber match to set it up.

    HHH/Brock would certainly be yawn worthy, as it's just Triple H getting his win back to make himself feel good, no different than Hogan needing to get his win back on the Warrior. I thought their Summerslam match had a pretty conclusive ending, by putting Brock over as a monster. Should have known it was too good to be true.
  4. HHH/Brock was a good match at Summerslam, the story doesn't really need to continue but if they're going with it, well, it's not my biggest complaint. Punk/Taker would be nice. Now, Rock/Cena, ugh, the match wasn't half as good as it should've been due to all that hype, and seeing how well Punk/Rock is going it's going to be underwhelming, to say the least. Sheamus/Orton I also don't want to see, don't see why they put the belt on ADR if they were going with that... doesn't make sense at all, will suck and the build up will suck too.
  5. id like cena vs ziggler at wm minus aj and big e there 2 matches on raw have been good
  6. None of these matches interest me tbh
  7. Eh, bleh. Have no desire to see Rock and Cena/Triple H and Lesnar again...
    Well, who am I kidding. Wrestlemania's a night for legends anyway... certainly not the PPV for me haha.

    Sheamus/Orton is pretty meh to begin with, but that would mean ADR would have a third horrible title reign on top of never being really over to begin with, and Ziggler wouldn't be champion while one of these two would... #SameOldShit #wwelogic

    Punk and Taker doesn't really sound that good, but you know on Wrestlemania day you'll be waiting for that match with bated breath.
  8. Rock/Cena 2 :facepalm:
    Brock/HHH :FACEPALM:
    Orton/Sheamus :facepalm:
    Punk/Taker :notsure:
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