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  1. It seems they're just giving more time to the other matches. Could be wrong though.
  2. I agree with the decision here, if true. I said even before WMXXX last year that the Andre battle royal would likely end up becoming the annual pre-show match for every other year after. I can go without seeing it on the main card if it means more time devoted to the other matches (although isn't there some shitty musical performance planned or something? If so, it was probably scratched precisely for that reason, which essentially means it was scratched for all the wrong reasons, but whatever.)
  3. This may indicate some of the matches are gonna be really long...

    But if it turns out they moved these two matches on the pre-show just to have all those musical performances on the main show, then... lol
  4. but it does fuck up the nxt guys by taking away the big exposure
  5. Well, I guess now they can really get more time on matches like the IC title match. But IMO, that added time should mean they should have added another singles match or two to the main card; Stardust vs Goldust and Miz vs Mizdow should be happening instead of blowing those angles on B-shows. Changing the card after the RAW before WM31 kinda sounds like they still don't know what they're doing, and that baffles me.
  6. I just said that minus the music part. Lol
  7. I hope this is what they're dojng. More time for ladder match and reigns and brock if you ask me.
  8. I have a feeling they will add more time to the musical numbers and other crap. I can only see the main event, ladder match, Rusev vs Cena and Orton vs Rollins taking up that much time for them to think about putting the Battle Royal in the pre-show. IMO, Taker vs Wyatt could have long-ish entrances but I can't see them trying to do a really long match and Triple H vs Sting most likely will be a shorter match for Sting to win, but I hope they surprise me. Sting can still go despite his age (reference his 2013 match with Bully Ray at Slammiversary, after that he was quite decent in mostly tag matches) and with a guy like Triple H, anything can happen but I wouldn't bet on it. Shame, Goldust is one of the best veterans in the company and Cody is a star(dust)-in-the-making and the duo could pull off a 10-15 minute long match with a hot crowd at Mania, elevating Cody big time. Same with Mizdow vs Miz.

    7 matches on what I'm sure would be a 4 hour PPV is pretty lame.
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  9. I agree with what you said but 7 matches that are given 4 hours, if done right, can be awesome. But, you're right, they're probably giving more time to music and stuff. Which, to me, as long as the music is directly related to the entrances, I don't mind this at all.
  10. Great minds think alike, I guess. :bischoff:
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  11. We have Sting AND Taker AND HHH on this card

    that is THREE 15+ minute entrances you guys aren't accounting for.
  12. Also the continuous Promos through out the night of how Roman Reigns went from NXT to headlining Wrestlemania. And all the other promos. That run for 5 minutes a time
  13. I would forgive them if they let Heyman cut a promo instead of crappy Reigns promos about 3 matches in NXT to winning a Rumble in worse fashion than Batista. That would be glorious.
  14. I would like if Brock's Entrance is Just Paul on the Mic wrecking Reigns.
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