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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 15, 2015.

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  1. There are a lot of rumors floating around as to what matches could happen at WrestleMania 32, and it’s still months away. Even though that’s true, things need to be put into place now so that WWE can soon start building. Legendary announcer Jim Ross has a dream match in mind for Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32, and it’s an interesting choice of an opponent as he isn’t even on the roster right now — Dave Bautista, aka Batista.

    Jim Ross always throws around his ideas and he has a lot of insight into things as he was in a high position at WWE for many years. He knows the way things work and what could possibly end up happening at one point or another.

    Still, Batista isn’t currently in WWE right now and hasn’t been since in quite some time. The last time he was around, he admitted that his last run with the company wasn’t the greatest as he wanted to play the role of a heel but WWE wanted him back as a face. The two sides butted heads and it ended up with a run that was less than stellar.

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  2. lol Batista. :pity1:
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  3. Wow, that would be a great way to waste the hottest wrestler on your roster at the biggest event of the year.
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  4. Lesnar needs to be in the title match. Thats whats gonna draw viewers. Not Bluetista
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  5. I doubt it'll be Batista. They wanna draw the biggest crowd yet at WM 32, so it could be Lesnar vs SCSA (highly unlikely) or The Rock (if he's available).

    Realistically, it could be the rematch from last year's WM. Reigns wins the title at SS by turning heel, Lesnar comes back and murders everyone at the Rumble and there ya have it.
  6. Lesnar vs Batista would be fine to me. It's a dream encounter between two big stars who have never crossed paths before (except as two of the final four men in the 2003 Royal Rumble match, but they weren't anywhere near as big of stars back then and that wasn't a one-on-one match... Hell, Batista wasn't even a main eventer yet, just another guy), The Beast vs The Animal is a great match moniker, and I'd love to see Batista's asshole heel persona matched up against Brock (both in a match as well as in a brawl or two on Raw) and in promos with Paul Heyman. Plus, since Batista is more than a worthy enough adversary for Lesnar to go over, being one of the biggest stars of the past decade and all. I don't see it happening due to Batista's scheduling conflicts with Guardian of The Galaxies 2, but I wouldn't be against it.

    What other alternative is there other than Reigns vs Lesnar II? Cesaro and Bryan are pipe dreams. Orton is a babyface just like Brock so I don't see that happening anytime soon, Austin isn't coming out of retirement, movie studios reportedly don't want The Rock wresting at all anymore, etc. Not a whole lot of options.
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  7. I'd be into this.
  8. LESNAR doesn't need to be in the title match per say. He needs a big opponent. Rock vs Brock would draw more than Roman vs Brock for the WWE title. You can bet your ass on that.
  9. When we getting Orton/Lesnar? Much rather see that
  10. Batista vs Brock wouod be an okay brawl at best. Brock wouod pretty much carry the whole match. I see what you're saying about this might being their only option and, if it is, it'll suck. Some of it might be okay leading up to mania. But, having 2 freaks battle each other at mania sounds boring. Plus, Batistas last run wasn't intimidating or dominate at all really. He won the rumble and then lost everything else.
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  11. Batista is a dependent wrestler where the person he faces has to be good for the match to not suck. If Brock can hold up Undertaker's old arse, I am sure this would be a good match. That only goes with saying to the people who are worried about it being bad.

    The chances of this happening are super slim though and I posted it because I thought it was a funny rumor.
  12. But given the circumstances The rock isn't gonna be wrestling at Wrestlemania apparently. Rock vs Brock is about as big as you can get for a main event but The Rock is guaranteed to end up injured. I'd rather see Roman vs Brock II rather then Brock vs Batista.
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  13. :yes:

    This year's ME was very good/great and I'd have nothing against seeing it next year, as well.
  14. The rock MAY not wrestle next year, that's true. But the only way I'd be interested in seeing Roman and Brock II is if Brock wins the rumble and it comes down to him and DB. Could imagine the pop?
  15. This sounds amazing, haha
  16. Reigns turning heel and winning the title and then Brock coming back and murdering everyone at the Rumble, I wouldn't mind seeing at all.

    I think DB is best kept out of the Rumble if he isn't gonna [finally] win it. There's no need for the Royal Rumble Rebellion III.
  17. There won't be royal rumble rebellion III if DB and Brock go the distance and are the final 2. If they battle it out and DB comes close, Brock isn't going to get booed and people will love watching them fight. It'll get a "this is awesome" chant going if anything.
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  18. Id like to see Brock be entered in at number 1 and just squash everybody.
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  19. Me, too!
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