WrestleMania WM29 Card?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. This would be mine.

    1. Money in the Bank - Del Rio vs Rollins vs Barrett vs Kofi vs Sandow vs Ryder vs Kidd vs Swagger

    2. Intercontinental Title - Ryback vs Big Show

    3. Divas Crap

    4. Sheamus vs Kane

    5. US Title - Christian vs Ambrose

    6.Mask vs Mask - Mysterio vs Sin Cara

    7. Jericho (face) vs Ziggler

    8. World Heavyweight Championship - Orton vs Bryan vs Rhodes

    9. WWE Championship - Triple H vs CM Punk

    10. Cena vs Undertaker

    11. Brock Lesnar vs The Rock (U mad @[Crayo] ?

    I don't really like the idea of blowing Punk/Austin, Lesnar/Rock and Cena/Taker on one card as it would probably overshadow WM30.

    What does everyone else fancy?
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  2. Don't see there being eleven matches. Eight, maybe nine at the most. I also doubt Big Show will be anywhere near an IC Title by the time next year comes around. I do like the idea of a Punk/HHH match, one that actually has a lot of heated buildup to it, unlike least year's match. But I'd rather see Austin/Punk and that seems more probable.
  3. Yeah probably will just have some massive multi-man match to use superstars instead of having lots of matches.

    Big Show could easily be around the IC title I think, he doesn't necessarily have to keep it throughout the whole year, lose it in the summer or something.

    Punk/Austin seems like it could be happening but I don't think they would use that on the same night as the other two main events, with 30 being next year. It would seem the sensible option out of the three to have next year because there is a very good chance Brock and Taker won't be available for Wrestlemania 30.
  4. Brock vs. Undertaker! END OF STORY!
  5. HHH in the WWE championship match? No Miz at all?

  6. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    HHH has enough starpower to put over Punk as a main eventer, so that's enough for me.

    And I don't know, replace him with Swagger or something!
  7. I just knew Crayo would rage after he read Triple H and the WWE Championship in one line. But I really don't know if HHH is going to do another title run. He said that he wants his matches to be special. So I don't think it will happen.
  8. Nice call for Christian vs Ambrose btw. That'd reinvent the title.
  9. Now hold on there playa, where are the Tag-Team title's? :tagteammatch:
  10. He wouldn't have to necessarily win the title, he could just challenge Punk for it. He would have to put Punk over for it to be worth it.

    Thanks, would be awesome promos and match.
  11. You really think Punk is going to keep the title for another year? :silva:
  12. No :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: He can lose him it soon and then win it back around 'Mania time.
  13. That would be awful imo. I'm really done with him as champ atm.
  14. He's not been great although I'm enjoying his recent work with Jericho. Give him 6 months break from the title and he'll be interesting again.
  15. For WWE Champ:

    1. The Rock
    2. Brock
    3. Y2J

    But that's just for me..
  16. Nice card build. Decided to post my own as well to further the discussion.

    1. Money in the Bank - Del Rio vs Rollins vs Dibiase vs Kofi vs Sandow vs Christian vs Kidd vs Miz vs Rhodes

    2. Intercontinental Title - Ryback vs Big Show

    3. Divas match

    4. Tag team title - Ambrose and Curtis vs Hawkins and Recks

    5. Sheamus vs Barret No holds barred

    6. US Title - Ryder vs Swagger

    7. Mysterio vs Sin Cara

    8. Jericho (face) vs Ziggler

    9. World Heavyweight Championship - Orton vs Bryan

    10. WWE Championship - Tensai vs CM Punk Hell in a Cell

    11. Cena vs Undertaker

    12. Brock Lesnar vs The Rock possibly
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