WM30 Card Predictions

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. Post what you think next year's WrestleMania card will look like, (note: not what you want).

    -Cena (WHC) v Orton (WWEC) - unification match. Heavily rumoured and it looks like these two will do it. Cena still has his WWE title rematch from SummerSlam remember.

    -Undertaker v Lesnar - streak match. Reports have said this match will happen. Will make money. Looks likely.

    -Wyatt Family v The Shield - losing group must split up. It would be hard to pass up this opportunity with these two trios. The "devil" could be HHH, who previously used Shield as the corporation's muscle.

    -Daniel Bryan v Triple H. This is what the whole authority storyline is building towards, however they may choose to do it at RR possibly. Bryan winning will cap off his fight against the corporation.

    What matches do you think will take place at WM30?
  2. Big Show vs. Triple H

    'Taker vs. Lesnar

    Wyatts vs. Punk, Bryan & Random Superstar

    I can't really think of any other matches :/
  3. AJ vs Some random Diva, hopefully Natty.

    Kofi kingston vs whoever is the US title holder at the time

    Real American vs Matadors, Usos, or face PTP

    Shield vs Wyatt family

    HHH vs Show for show's last WM moment.

    Cena vs DB

    Taker vs Brock

    Punk vs Orton

    Y2J vs???
  4. wwe/whc match
    Orton v cena v bryan(rr winner) v punk(elimination chamber winner)
    Lesnar v taker
    Wyatts v shield
    Hhh v rock
    Cody rhodes v goldust
  5. Hogan/Warrior for the legends title :happy:
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  6. Lesnar vs Taker.
    Rock vs Y2J.
    Bryan vs HHH if Bryan wins the corporation must leave WWE
    Family vs Shield in a 6 way tag team elimination match
    AJ Lee vs one of the Bella twins.
    Punk vs Orton for the WWE Championsip.
    Cena vs Rybotch for the WH Championship.
    Rhodes family vs Matadores for the TTC
  7. This year in WM30, the Marches is: (note: this s not real Marches,this is a prevision.)

    Pre-Show (Kickoff):
    The Miz vs Curtis Axel (IC)

    First Match:
    RVD vs Del Rio (N/A)

    Second match:
    Los Matadores vs Rhodes Dynasty (TTC)

    Third Match:
    Under Taker vs Brock Lesnar (N/A)

    Fourth Match:
    John Cena vs Ryback (WHC)

    Main Event of WM30
    Daniel Brien vs Randy Orton (WWEC)
    IDK,this last days anybody knows the real matches. :rock:

    I miss Cena this yyear..
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