Spoiler Woman loses her damn mind at RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Neptune, Mar 15, 2016.

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  1. I spoilered it because it is a video and shows part of Raw.

    I missed this but LOL'd

  2. One comment reads

    "All Vince has to do is clone her 99,999 times and Roman will actually get the ovation Vince wants for him at Wrestlemania!"

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  3. Those 2-3 girls were probably the only ones cheering for Roman last night.
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  4. Is there a chance they were plants?
  5. Maybe, but they are also probably the exact target demo Vince wants. Women who cheer Roman because he's hot and kids who cheer him because I dunno?
  6. I doubt it. Just looks like some 16 year old chicks. Their panties are probably still wet as we speak.
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  7. I'd probably mark out just as hard if Reigns was beating the shit out of someone right in front of me :gusta:
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  8. Fan Girl
    Female being who acts like a crazy fan when she has no idea who the hell she is cheering for.
  9. Kids who cheer him because WWE promised their parents a sum of money for their college fund
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  10. Kids cheer him because he punches people in the face and spears people to death. Grow up, breh. Stop being such a hater. I don't like how Reigns is booked either, but this smarky hate towards the guy is too much.
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  11. :youdontsay:
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  12. Because it's the only way to get people to listen to us, there is no alternative
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  13. It's not just smarks disliking him. Even casuals see the writing on the wall with him. But he is not who the general WWE fanbase wants as THE man.
  14. Dude is a poor worker, bland moveset,charisma vacuum and makes Jumping jeff Farmer seem like flair with the mic skills. Does not bother me if he is pushed or not as I only watch wwe at times out of curiosity. I can see why he gets hate in terms of his push and he really offers nothing unless Muscles and good looks warrants a push to face of the company :psycho: Also we are all smarks Dunce.
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  15. I found a new weekly pickup basketball game and was shocked to find a bunch of casual grown men talking about WWE almost weekly when I go. They are all huge Reigns fans from the sound of it.

    I honest to god didn't know there were adult casual fans. I assumed if you watched pro wrestling you at least had some element of smark to you. Not these guys. I don't even know that they know it is fake; not that I'm going to be the one to spoil it for them.

    anyone denying that Reigns' hate is at least a partial-product of fans being overly aware of everything going on is wrong. Fans find out Reigns has a rocket ship to his back and they don't like it. That along with terrible booking has you where you are today. Rewind to the Shield Split and let me book his ass and I promise you he is over as fuck
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  16. Oh shut the fuck up. He is not a poor worker.
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  17. Take his dick out your mouth for once buddy
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  18. Fuck off with that elementary shit retard. I really don't give a fuck about the guy, just find the keyboard warriors hilarious. Reigns can go in the ring.
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  19. A pivotal moment in his career looking back is the 2014 Rumble (the one Batista won). Had Vince done a switch of the end ad hoc based off of the crowd. And have Roman beat Dave to win the Rumble, the entire landscape today would probably look a lot different. Since Roman would have got so much good will with the fans for preventing the whole Batista wins the Rumble on his first night back scenario.

    Maybe he still would have gotten fan backlash, but probably not to the extent that he has now
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  20. What about if he got the Ziggler spot at SS 2014 and ended the Authority for a month, maybe even went a lot further with that than they did? Would that help!?... Idk, probably not. Don't know where we are with the general fanbase, what do people do on screen that actually matters?

    That segment was awesome, yet the crowd booed uproariously. 84,000 seats are sold st a Wrestlemania where everyone's talking about a main event crowd reaction... So many people will pay just to boo the guy. Vince sees dollar signs and played us like a fiddle lol
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